Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deport Pedro

Pedro Ramirez is four things:  A person who graduated at the top of his high school class.  The Student Body President at Fresno State University. An illegal alien, and someone familiar with T-shirts, popular with Latino kids in California, that are emblazoned with the phrase Undocumented & Unafraid.

Mr. Ramirez is also clearly bright, and familiar with the realities of immigration enforcement in the state in which his family has decided to set up house.  For the latter reason, he has good cause to be "unafraid" and so do most his friends who share his immigration status.  California has far more illegal aliens than any other state; 25% of all the people unlawfully in the country.  California has two elected senators who talk about how much an amnesty (they like to call it "comprehensive immigration reform") would benefit the Golden State, at almost every opportunity.  Further, California has enormous sanctuary cities, and even a newly elected governor who recently spoke about his desire to hand out financial aid to illegal alien college students.  In short, immigration and employment law enforcement in California is a joke.  It's not that those laws are rigorously enforced in all other corners of America, it's just that it's worse here than other places, and the illegals certainly know it.

For these reasons, Pedro Ramirez is the first person who should be detained and subject to deportation proceedings.  Even ahead of Nicky Diaz (Meg Whitman's illegal alien housekeeper) and Matias Ramos (An activist who travels around the country, hollering about the need for  radical changes in our laws, entirely unimpeded by his illegal alien status).

Now why would anyone want to lower the boom on such a seemingly nice, well-spoken young man who clearly has great potential?  Simple.  To send a message to all the other illegal aliens who deem our laws too inconvenient to follow and yammer about how unfair it is that we won't subsidize their college endeavors after having provided them free public grade school educations. They should be afraid. They should have reason to believe that America has expectations of newcomers that are not optional.  They should fear policemen who enforce our laws, and not just the ones local elected officials deem palatable.

The notions of using forged documents, driving without insurance and licenses, and engaging in identity theft should give pause to anyone who is thinking of becoming a part of this country.    Currently, they don't.  Illegal aliens often break into California because it's close.  They stay here, however, because it's easy. It shouldn't be. It should be every bit as difficult and worrisome to use a stolen social security number as it is to fondle school children, swipe perfume bottles from department stores or intermittently slap and punch your wife.

By deporting Pedro Ramirez, illegal aliens with far fewer redeeming values might reconsider many of their every day law breaking activities - starting with living in California.

The story of Pedro Ramirez, as reported by the Huffington Post:

DREAM Act = Amnesty

The Jason Voorhees (the indestructible serial killer from the "Friday the 13th" movie series) of proposed federal legislation is about to be submitted, yet again, to congressmen for their consideration.  The DREAM Act simply won't die ... or more specifically, people who want it won't stop asking for it, no matter how many times it is rejected by legislators in Washington.

The folks who want to see millions of the undocumented legalized in this country are a minority, but they are passionate bunch.  Their emotional investment in illegal aliens and their family members prevents them from coming to terms with two basic mainstream realities:

1.  Most American voters view the DREAM Act as a reward to illegal alien families who have successfully violated our laws.

2.  If someone wants to be part of the U.S., most Americans expect that person to apply to enter like everyone else, and stay at home until we let him in.

Many proponents of the DREAM Act view themselves and/or their friends as powerless victims of our immigration system, and believe they are enduring a difficult existence that American citizens are obligated to undo - undo by letting them stay, work and vote here.

They will flatly deny that the DREAM Act is an amnesty by asserting that it allows a large portion of illegal aliens to "earn" citizenship rather than having it simply handed to them.  And that assertion is simply wrong.  The DREAM Act is, without question, little more than a glorified handout, and what it requires in return is hardly a fair price for the right to call oneself an American.  Is it an amnesty of the variety doled out to millions of illegal aliens in 1986?  No, it is the thinly disguised type championed by George W. Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain that has been peddled under the name "comprehensive immigration reform."  In short, it provides something of almost inestimable value (permanent legal residency leading to U.S. citizenship) in return for practically (not quite!) nothing.

The DREAM Act would work like this.  Any illegal alien brought in to the U.S. while 15 or younger, who has been here 3 years or longer and obtained a high school diploma or GED somewhere along the line, is given legal residency in return for 60 college units (2 years of college credit) or 2 years in the military.

The DREAM Act beneficiaries would not be required to earn a degree, would not have to attend a university or any traditional four-year institution (JC or community college course credits will be accepted), and would not have to receive training in any academic or professional area where the U.S. population currently produces insufficient numbers (Mathematics, Nursing, etc.).

For those illegal aliens incapable of, or unwilling to work for, junior college credits that could essentially be accumulated by many of the brighter household animals you may have had an opportunity to walk or feed, there is a military service option.  Two years is what it will take.  Period.  No combat requirement.  No assignment to ongoing conflict areas.  No length of commitment any longer than what was required of citizens whom we formerly drafted.

In short, the DREAM Act is a sad joke.  An amnesty?  Sure.  Why, because it requires nothing?  No, because it requires things that almost no one can fail to accomplish.  The academic and armed services "requirements" are so insultingly simple that they are a hop, skip and jump away from asking the beneficiaries to learn to chew gum and walk, clip their fingernails twice a month, and to make sure to have milk in the refrigerator for when the kids come home from school.

Think of it like this - You walk into the nearest Mercedes dealership and plop down $500 in cash.  In return, the salesman hands you the papers and keys to a shiny new 2011 model sitting in the showroom; that's pretty much the spirit and essence of the DREAM Act.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Laws Don't Apply To Us - Part II

Several weeks ago, a writing, touching upon community protests against police in Westlake, appeared on this blog.  The local residents around MacArthur Park (most of whom are illegal aliens and their offspring) were upset about the shooting death of a local drunk who confronted police officers with a knife.

It was asserted in that piece that the real issue vexing the locals was that the LAPD had enforced the law in an area where the undocumented are used to police turning a blind eye to many of their daily illegal activities.  Los Angeles is a sanctuary city and the illegals like it that way.

It is unfair of you (and racist to the core!) to prevent us from running unlicensed businesses, using fake ID's, ignoring health code regulations, engaging in identity theft, etc. etc. - This is pretty much the unspoken attitude of the locals and their well-organized advocates.    One such advocacy outfit is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), headed by Angelica Salas.

CHIRLA, and organizations like it in L.A., exist for one basic reason:  To perpetuate and aid the continued presence of Latino illegal aliens in Southern California.

In short, if you're brown and "without papers," CHIRLA will have your back.  Whatever unlawful shenanigans you've been engaging in are almost entirely irrelevant to the staff members of CHIRLA, whose political mindset is well to the left of mainstream American thought.  These folks aren't "liberals," they are ethnocentric extremists bent upon shielding local illegal aliens from any consequences of their actions.

Case in point:  The recent vice squad bust of Club 907 near downtown.

Club 907 is a "hostess club" that offers dancing and "companionship" to patrons (all at an hourly charge).  It is one of several such area businesses that advertises pretty girls and dancing, but is commonly rumored to be offering less wholesome forms of entertainment.

The LAPD recently busted Club 907, and in response, CHIRLA and Angelica Salas had these public observations to offer:  Most who were arrested were simply "honest, hard working immigrants."  From CHIRLA's management's perspective "The LAPD has acted rashly by arresting those it claims to protect, and in the process, endanger the delicate balance between local policing and immigration enforcement."

So, what did the cops actually find when they engaged in a long overdue raid of one of these hostess club rat holes?

$100,000 in cash
Two bags of cocaine
Supplies of condoms
Alcohol (Club 902 has no liquor license)
Dozens of allegedly fake ID's
A missing 17 year old girl

Assuming that what the terribly illegal alien friendly LAPD claims to have found turns out to be accurate, it appears that Ms. Salas and her subordinates have a somewhat different idea of what constitutes "honest,  hard working immigrants" than most of the rest of us.

Remember, for them, illegal aliens remaining here is the bottom line.  And for that to work, the laws simply must remain unenforced.

The story as reported by the L.A. Times:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Expression At Denair Middle School

This week includes Veterans Day, so a student attaches an American flag to the back of his bike.  He pedals his way to Denair Middle School, and upon arrival, school staff members advise him to remove the Stars and Stripes.  Word of this set of events quickly reaches the media, and upon questioning, the school provides the following response:

"(The) First Amendment is important," Superintendent Edward Parraz said. "We want the kids to respect it, understand it, and with that comes a responsiblity."

Parraz said the campus has recently experienced some racial tension. He said some students got out of hand on Cinco de Mayo.

"Our Hispanic, you know, kids will, you know, bring their Mexican flags and they'll display it, and then of course the kids would do the American flag situation, and it does cause kind of a racial tension which we don't really want," Parraz said. "We want them to appreciate the cultures."

Parraz said if a disruption arises over a flag, they want it to be taken down to protect the safety of all students.

Now, I studied Law, and I understand how it has been interpreted to protect not only free speech, but other types of expression, as well.  Therefore, I am completely stumped.  Maybe someone who reads this can point out what I'm missing here.

The Superintendent wants the children to "respect" and "understand" the First Amendment - a portion of the Constitution he describes as "important." Therefore, he orders the kid to cease his display of American pride so as not to agitate the students who feel stronger loyalties to Mexico?

What?  Someone help me out here, I'm lost.

The story as reported by KCRA: