Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome To California, The Lunatic State

California is the nation's most populous state and can boast of the following:

- An unemployment rate 3 percentage points higher than the national average.
- An illegal alien population over twice the size of any other state's illegal alien population.
- An annual state deficit over twice the size of any other state's annual deficit.
- A shortfall of funding that has closed 30% of California's state parks.
- A shortfall of funding that is resulting in the termination of thousands of court employees and closing of dozens of criminal and civil courtrooms.
- Insufficient funds for maintaining California's enormous prison population, resulting in the early release of thousands of felons.
- Over 30% of welfare recipients in the United States.

And what steps have elected officials in the state capitol in Sacramento taken this month, to address the Golden State's myriad problems?

Legislation making California the first state in the nation to make the use of tanning beds, by minors, illegal:

Legislation making Calfornia the first state in the nation to offer college financial aid to illegal aliens:

Would the last sane taxpaying citizen to exit the state please turn out the lights?

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Alienation Of America's Middle Class

We here at are big fans of the writings of Pat Buchanan. There is a relentless essence of common sense and practicality that weaves through all his ideas that make their way on to printed pages. For that reason, like the conservative nerds we are, we jumped at the chance to scan some of the pages made public from his new book, that will be released later this month.

Here are a couple excerpts from his most recent work, Suicide Of A Superpower:

From pages 160 and 161

Why the alienation in Middle America?

In their lifetimes, they have seen their Christian faith purged from schools their taxes paid for and mocked in movies and on TV. They have seen their factories shuttered and jobs outsourced. They have seen trillions of tax dollars go for Great Society programs, but have seen no Great Society, only crime, rising illegitimacy, and rising dropout rates. They watch on cable as illegal aliens walk into their country and are rewarded with free health care and education for their kids, take away jobs from U.S. workers, and carry Mexican flags while marching in American cities to demand U.S. citizenship.

They see Wall Street banks bailed out and read that the bankers used the billions not to lend but to trade, and that the bonuses are back. They see their government shoveling billions out to Fortune 500 companies and banks to rescue the country from a financial crisis created by that same government, and by those same companies and banks. They sense they are losing their country. And they are right.

From page 400

Our intellectual, cultural, and political elites are today engaged in one of the most audacious and ambitious experiments in history. They are trying to transform a Western Christian republic into an egalitarian democracy made up of all tribes, races, creeds, and cultures of planet Earth. They have dethroned our God, purged our cradle of faith from public life, and repudiated the Judeo-Christian moral code by which previous generations sought to live.

They have declared men and women to be basically the same, that all voluntary sexual relations are morally equal, that the traditional family is but one social option, that men can marry men and women can marry women, that race is a social construct invented by bigots bent on repressing others, that all are endowed with the intelligence and ability to succeed in the most competitive society on earth. All religions and all "lifestyles" are equal and all are to be equally respected. These elites will fight to ensure that a mosque is built at Ground Zero with the same ferocity as they will ensure that no Nativity scene ever appears on the National Mall. If there is an inequality of rewards in society, they believe, this is the residue of a reactionary America, the fruit of societal injustice, and it is the moral duty of our modern state to rectify that injustice and mandate equality. Those who reject these truths are benighted and bigoted.

Our secular elites believe in this revolution. The people never did. Middle America detests it. Thus it has had to be imposed from above, by judges, bureaucrats, professors, and those who control the content of our culture. One part of America believes we are headed for a wonderful new age. The silent majority thinks the country has lost its mind.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alabama Has Exposed The Left's Immigration Lies

We can't possibly deport all those people! Do you know how much that would cost?

Immigration laws can only be enforced by the federal government!

Really? Is that so?

Unlike folks in California, Texas and Nevada, the people residing in Alabama decided they didn't want to be victimized by illegal immigration. The prospect of deplorable public schools, unpaid emergency room hospital bills, and hordes of unlicensed drivers apparently did not sit well with American citizens in the "Heart of Dixie." Consequently, the state stood up, passed legislation designed to curb the influx of the undocumented, withstood the gratuitous and inane accusations of "racism," and promptly exposed common lies peddled by scores of politicians and illegal alien advocates. The ones depicted above are just a sampling of the misrepresentations repeatedly voiced by people who are dying to hand out another amnesty. Sometimes they call it "The DREAM Act," and on other occasions they'll refer to their legalization plans as "earned citizenship" or "comprehensive immigration reform." Whatever dressed-up term they utilize, among the lies they invariably mouth in support are that we could never deport millions of illegal aliens and that states cannot regulate immigration, only the federal government has that authority.

And to those who have been making these arguments for years, Alabama has proven you wrong.

Things we learned in September:

1) You don't have to deport illegal aliens to rid yourselves of many of them. Even a whiff of immigration enforcement causes large numbers of the undocumented to run back to Mexico or states that accommodate illegals. Further, when they leave, they take a lot of their anchor babies with them.

2) States are not without authority to do many things to ensure that illegal immigration does not flourish. Immigration enforcement is not exclusively the domain of the federal government.

What is the moral of the story that is currently playing out?

Being saturated with illegal aliens is a choice. It's not something Obama, Napolitano or Bush can force upon state residents. When you elect representatives who hand out in-state tuition to illegal aliens, institute "hands off" policies for police like the LAPD's Special Order 40, proclaim large areas to be "sanctuary cities," and insist that people unlawfully here are "immigrants," you wind up with South Gate, Panorama City, Maywood, Pico Rivera, Fresno, Lancaster, Oxnard, Fontana, Hesperia, Pomona, Huntington Park, Corona, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Santa Ana, annual deficits of billions of dollars, and the current state of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Alabama officials have chosen otherwise, and now the Americans who reside there can look forward to avoiding the fate of The Golden State.