Saturday, April 23, 2011

Somos Posers

Syndicated columnist, Ruben Navarette, recently penned a piece wherein he bewails the failure of the GOP to embrace Somos Republicans, a newly formed organization over which the mainstream press has been fawning.  The headline above his article, as it appears in the San Bernardino Sun, reads:  Republicans turning their backs on conservative Latinos.

This statement is inaccurate. The base of the Republican Party is unimpressed with this outfit because they're not genuine conservatives.

Liberals during the 1980's didn't flock in huge numbers to any of Lyndon LaRouche's campaigns because, despite his party affiliation, he wasn't a Democrat, he was a nut.  The members of Somos Republicans are similarly situated.  They can register as members of the GOP to their hearts' content, but they're not real Republicans.  They are a carefully calculated effort to emphasize the notion that by failing to support amnesty for illegal aliens, the Republicans are chasing off a rapidly growing portion of the national population.

At best, Somos Republicans personnel, who endlessly clamor for "comprehensive immigration reform," are members of the GOP in the same fashion as George W. Bush, Meg Whitman, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  True conservatives don't respect their views, but consider them the lesser of evils in comparison to the Democrats who ran against them. 

In his column, Navarette also describes Somos Republicans members as conservative regarding taxes.  Again, this is inaccurate, and transparently so.  Legalizing millions of the undocumented in this country would result in trillions of dollars in expenses to Social Security, Medicare and a host of other government programs.  There's nothing appealing to those on the right about going Obama with the national debt.

Mr. Navarette feels passionately about the immigration issue.  He desperately wants a "path to citizenship" for millions residing in this country unlawfully.  He writes about immigration frequently and has made numerous efforts in his column to advocate for this viewpoint.  This article wasn't the first and it's unlikely to be the last, however, it's sure to be one of the least successful. And if he doesn't understand why, here's the explanation:  In 2011, in the GOP scheme of things, RINOs are out of fashion and Tea Party adherents are cool and hip.  Being a Neocon is so fifteen minutes ago. November's election told you everything you need to know.  So parading around a bunch of faux conservatives, irrespective of skin color and ethnicity, is about as likely to excite folks on the right as a Jeb Bush presidential run.

Ruben Navarette's piece, described above:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Hollywood Production At Dodger Stadium

Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck are shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that the environment in some sections of Dodger Stadium is considered dangerous!
And if you believe that, you also probably expect the Clippers to contend for a championship next season.

Directly above this paragraph is a snapshot of three people pretending they intend to fix a problem.  From left to right:  1.  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who heads the largest sanctuary city in the country.  2.  Frank McCourt, the current Dodgers owner who had a vacant Stadium Security Chief position on opening day, and is terrified of scaring away many gang affiliated members of his team's fan base who buy overpriced beer and Dodgers gear.  3. LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck, who refuses to enforce numerous laws against illegal aliens because Villaraigosa would never let him keep his job if he did.

At this news conference, these three are seen assuring the public that armed officers will now be conspicuosly visible on game days and absolutely no shenanigans are going to be tolerated.  Like many Hollywood productions, of course, these representations have little bearing on reality.  Here's what will actually happen:  Cops will be out in force during the next two or three homestands until the national attention dies down.  Later on in the season (and not much later), the homies from South Gate, Maywood, Canoga Park, San Fernando, Pico Rivera, Long Beach, Palmdale and a couple dozen other blighted, formerly respectable neighborhoods in Southern California, will be back in the upper decks and the pavilions.

Why?  Simple.  They make up a large chunk of what Los Angeles is now.  Frank McCourt no more wants to shoo away a significant portion of the folks who buy tickets, beer and caps, than Los Angeles public school teachers want them to leave and take their children, and the reason for their union jobs, with them.

Make no mistake, this is nothing new.  These nicely dressed gentlemen are not surprised by what happened.  They're just in public relations mode now because this story of the attack on the Giants fan received some national attention.

Don't think that's true?  Do you believe they haven't been aware of the encroaching ghetto conditions sweeping through Chavez Ravine?  Below are comments made two years ago, beneath articles in the L.A. Times, after a stabbing occurred on opening day in 2009.  Cut, paste and google them if you like.  This is reality in Los Angeles, the nation's largest sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

What a surprise...DUH If anyone has been to a Dodger game lately it is like going to a Mexican gang outing. I paid 70 bucks for a loge seat only to have a crowd of tattooed gangbangers who obviously did not have seat tickets crowd me out. I complained to an usher and all I got was maybe I should be the one to move. I won't be going to any more Dodger games.

Maybe the stadium should be used by the INS instead!!!

Mr. US Citizen, May 4, 2009

As a San Franciscan who has spent his fair share of time in LA, I've been shocked by the state of security at Dodger Stadium in recent years. Back in the 80s, I would go to games and remark on the beach ball mellowness in the stands (esp compared to the 'Stick), but nowadays, games in LA might as well be played by the Raiders.

And, it's not just the low paid security, either. Last year, I was at a game where a woman wearing a Giants hat was literally knocked down the stairs of an aisle by a blindside from another woman and then had beer thrown on her. This shocked even the Dodger fans sitting around me. I rushed to the LAPD that were standing 30 feet away and asked them to do something. They responded that it was "private property" and they had no authority. They didn't even bother to see of the woman was okay.

After the game, have fun in the parking lot if you are wearing orange and black. I'm all for witty rejoinders on the deficiencies of the opposing side, but at Dodger Stadium you only get F yous by people who wouldn't know a sacrifice fly from a Texas Leaguer.

Sean, April 14, 2009

Unfortunately this IS a Hispanic gang problem, and I'm not afraid to say it. I never see White skinheads running around causing a brawl. I don't see Asians kickin’ it up and acting wild. Blacks hardly even go to the stadium much less want to be seen in Echo Park at night. So to all the overly sensitive Mexicans out there, I did not say it's a Hispanic problem, it's a HISPANIC GANG problem. Wait until one of the Hispanic gang members shoots you and your kid in the face when he's eating a churro and maybe you will be more concerned about SAFETY then about being included in a statement you were not a part of in the first place.

So yes the lovely LAPD, who go out of their way to avoid gang members in the first place, are only serving the City Council who are a bunch of illegal-alien loving morons. It's a sad fact, but I feel somewhat safer at a Lakers game, and a whole lot safer at an Angels or Yankees game. Dodger Stadium is no place to bring a family. Until they get serious about security and ENFORCE rules and laws it will not change.

J. Ingham, May 4, 2009

These stupid Mexican Gang members need to collectively burn in hell. It’s embarrassing as a Mexican-American to have to witness these idiots give my people a bad name. Putos Welfariados!

I feel bad for the opposing fans. One thing is to heckle and give a hard time, but these gang bangers are literally looking to fight someone and potentially kill them. I would never ever take my kids to a dodger game unless I have really good seats so that I can sit with the civilized folk. Of course we still have the parking lot which is a battle ground in of itself.

The McCourts need to team up with LAPD because its gotten to the point that I fear for my safety. It’s really pathetic. Maybe we can bomb the pavilions and get rid of 15-20 thousand gang bangers all at once.

Seriously though, as much as it hurts me to say this, they need to stop selling booze in the paviliions and they need to not allow tailgating (an enforce it).

Hell, they need to screen for bald heads and clothing. Hah! You resemble an "ese" you don’t get in. They should also have police checking for warrants at the door. I’m sure the pavilions may end up empty.

Jorge, May 4, 2009

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dodger Stadium Is Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium has become what Los Angeles has become. It's gotten more dangerous and it's populated with more criminals.  Therefore, there is no reason for anyone familiar with America's second largest city to be surprised by the recent incident that has left Giants fan, Bryan Stow, struggling for his life at a local hospital.

Sporting event attendance at the ballpark in Chavez Ravine has become a microcosm of life in Southern California.  The dwindling number of middle class and wealthy folks are simply unwise to buy tickets in certain sections.  The left field pavilion, and much of the upper decks, are ghetto and gangster.  Neck tattoos, shaved heads, unmarried mothers with boyfriends on probation, people who identify themselves by the area code in which they reside and have children they can't afford, have become as common at Dodger Stadium as the beer they swill down before and during the game.

Why Dodger games and not Lakers and Clippers games?  Because MLB tickets are cheaper than NBA tickets.  Cholos, WIC recipients, and other assorted hood rats are present in much smaller numbers in the seats near where Kobe and Pau play.

Los Angeles produces criminal riff raff like no other location in the United States, and it's been that way for years now because it's a sanctuary city for illegal aliens; the biggest one in the country. We have tossed out the welcome mat for the impoverished, mostly from Latin America, who are largely uneducated and care little for laws they deem inconvenient.  These illegal aliens have children, lots of them. Most of these kids fail to graduate from local high schools, but they do manage to nurture a sense of resentment and bigotry that is pervasive in poor and working class neighborhoods in California.

Bryan Stow got jumped by two guys, on opening day, in a jam packed parking lot.  According to newspaper reports, the beating took place in front of no fewer than a hundred witnesses.  And if you can't understand why the thugs haven't been caught, then you don't know L.A.

Let a long time Angeleno clue you in.  Firstly, the suspects look like about half a million people who live here.  Secondly, these guys were Latinos attacking a white victim surrounded by other Latinos who were walking through the parking lot.  Under these circumstances, the chances of many witnesses or people who know the attackers giving a helpful report to the authorities are about the same as the Celtics receiving a standing ovation at Staples Center.

Mr. Stow was nearly beaten to death at a ball game because some of the locals deemed his Giants jacket to be the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood.  If that sounds crazy to you, that's a good thing.  It probably means that you don't live in a city where 3rd world values and conditions have been proliferating since the 1986 immigration amnesty.

A news report about this incident can be found at

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Legalize Karma

Dov Charney has done quite well for himself.  He started American Apparel and began to make and sell clothing from his headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.  He's made millions.

Dov Charney made a lot of that money with illegal alien workers.  He wasn't embarrassed by it nor did he really attempt to deny it.  In fact, it became a rallying point for him and his business.  If the public complained of the education, medical and quality of life costs that come with large populations of illegal aliens, he often delivered members of his workforce at marches and protests.  He produced thousands of "Legalize LA" shirts that became "must have" items for local amnesty advocates.

When Arizona attempted to protect its citizenry from climbing taxation costs, and a growing drug trade from Mexico, by enacting immigration enforcement laws, he was incensed and produced even more shirts that could be commonly seen on angry family members of illegal aliens

Well, that was then and this is now.  Dov Charney and the management of American Apparel have other things to keep them occupied - Like trying to keep the doors open.  American Apparel stock lost 23% of its value yesterday, after announcing that it may have to liquidate under Chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Code.  Apparently, the company recently experienced a fourth quarter loss in excess of 19 million dollars.

Charney has stated, in recent months, that the loss of 1500 workers that resulted from a government immigration audit of employees of his downtown L.A. facility, has negatively impacted his enterprise.

So, for those so inclined, buy those shirts while you can.  They can probably be purchased at drastically discounted prices now, and will likely be collectors items in the near future.

Story about AA's financial woes :