Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Maid Is Not The Issue

I simultaneously don't like and don't care about the "scandal" involving Meg Whitman's undocumented house help.  The latter because it's not what should be enraging people regarding the GOP's candidate.  The former because it may distract the public from what should.

Is the accusation true?  Did Ebay's former CEO knowingly employ an illegal alien and then cast her aside when the arrangement posed a degree of political danger?  Maybe, maybe not.  The "charge" is about as reliable as anything else that jumps into the public's view from psuedo-lawyer and publicity hound, Gloria Allred.

More broadly, however, who cares?  Is it that skirting immigration and employment laws is insignificant?  Hardly.  It's that whether Whitman did or not pales in significance to the grossly insulting and dishonest campaign she's been wallpapering across our state with her endless resources, for months on end.

Anyone who pays even the slightest attention to politics in the Golden State knows two things about the Republican gubernatorial candidate - She's loaded and she's a liar.  Meg Whitman has voiced almost as many different positions on California's most significant problem, illegal immigration, as Lindsay Lohan has had incidents where she has fallen off the wagon.  Her story changes from one moment to the next, or more specifically, from one audience to the next.

During the Republican primary she was, at first, for legalizing those unlawfully here and then, later, someone who would be "tough as nails" on illegal immigration - an enemy of sanctuary cities and employers of illegal laborers!

When her chief challenger for the GOP nomination was easily dispatched, however, she quickly rolled out an expensive Spanish language campaign singing a decidedly different tune. Latinos were assured on TV, radio and billboards that Meg Whitman objected to previous California voter supported legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigration and saving taxpayer resources.  Further, she advised she certainly didn't want what Arizona has been trying; providing some annoyingly transparent rationalization that it wouldn't work in California because of our state's size.

Yesterday, however, just before the story involving the maid broke, she was back to her border hawk stance in Davis.  Speaking in front of what she knew would be a predominantly white middle-class audience of listeners, she went on to distinguish her position from Jerry Brown's ... and this only weeks after telling a reporter that her views on immigration were much the same as that of the Democratic candidate.

Is this what passes for a major political candidate in 2010?  Has the GOP actually sunk this far, and is truly unable to provide any better option to voters?

The management at recently changed political registration from Republican to Decline to State, and has never felt more confident in the wisdom of the decision than now.

It would indeed be ironic if this maid incident costs Ms. Whitman the election.  Not because she hired and fired the illegal, but because no one believes her when she insists she didn't know of the woman's residency staus.  Indeed, why should anyone in California believe a single word that comes out of her mouth?

This election can't come soon enough.  Meg Whitman deserves to lose.  She deserves to be rejected by California voters - the ones on the left, in the middle, and on the right. Not because she may have knowingly hired an illegal, but because she has she has repeatedly and obviously attempted to deceive Californians, who I guess are expected to forget her prevarications like employees who want to keep their jobs by giving the boss a pass on her endless bullsh--.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Defense Of Aunt Zeituni

A video currently going "viral" on the internet is a report from WBZ in Boston about our president's aunt, and former illegal alien, Zeituni Onyango. One of the station's new reporters inquired about the disability checks she's been receiving, her defiance of two deportation orders, her assessment of criticism she has received, and asked a host of related questions.

To say that this woman should have checked her attitude at the door before sitting down for the interview, is probably the largest understatement I'll author this year.  From describing her taxpayer funded decade in the U.S. as "a nightmare" to insisting that she is owed citizenship as an immigrant in the U.S., her assertions and demeanor are nothing short of flabbergasting (For those who haven't seen the interview, I include the following link:

Nonetheless, I'm aware the United States is a large country and that people's opinions will differ.  In a nation composed of tens of millions, there is always going to be X percentage of the population that will defend even the most outlandish insults and manifestations of disrespect.  

Therefore, I scoured the internet for just that.  I looked high and low for posted opinions that voiced support for the substance of what Ms. Onyango conveyed in her recent interview.  Here's what I was able to find:

- There are plenty of Asians, Africans, Europeans who are getting the same thing. They never paid anything into the system either...

- I think all of the people that commented need to calm down. A friend of mine met her and she turns out to be a very nice person. Don't go off saying she is terrible and disgusting because chances are most of the people here don't know her. You can't judge people if you don't know them as a person. Shame on all the people who typed that she was disgusting and rude.

- I didn't see a person that felt entitled. I saw a person unfamiliar with the sublties of the English language sandbagged by a Scum, Smart a*s reporter. If she were more aware of the nature of the media she would have just refused to talk to anyone. She doesn't know that the story is written first then the reporter goes out to manipulate her into saying what he thinks the story needs to appeal to the Haters that he is trying to reach.

- It's very disappointing to me that WBZ would choose to put this woman (who has clearly been through very tough times)on the spot for something that's in her past and also, for something that is practically a matter of routine when it comes to people who overstay a visa and remain in this country unlawfully. I for one would like to welcome her to America - and I don't feel she owes any one of us an explanation. She wasn't living the high life; in fact, living in a shelter has to be one of the most demoralizing things there can be. There are people born in this country everyday who are immediately granted citizenship - something that should be of far greater concern than Zeituni Onyango. I say God Bless her and let her live here in peace. Please instead, do what you can to make her feel welcome, if for no other reason that she's an aunt of our President. Portraying this story now, and putting this woman on the spot in the manner you did, is downright evil.

- This is a nation of immigrants that was built by immigrants. Aunt Zeituni has a right to the American Dream like your ancestors wanted.  Stop your hating and be compassionate to someone who has needs and hardships that spoiled Americans can never know.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's Going On In Westlake?

If you are aware of the rioting that is being wildly underreported by Los Angeles media, that commonly takes great pains to avoid showing illegal aliens misbehaving, you may be wondering what's going on.  After all, what we know about the incident that is the subject matter of the unrest seems pretty straight forward.  A Guatemalan day laborer, who was well known in his neighborhood for getting drunk and acting up in public, was shot dead when he lunged at police with a knife he had refused to drop after being ordered to do so, in English and Spanish. Apparently, one of the people he had been threatening on a street corner referred to the trio of officers who responded to the disturbance as "angels."

Nonetheless, the complaints issued from various corners of the "community" around Macarthur Park center  on anger over the presence of police.  Why? Isn't police presence in a gritty neighborhood a good thing? Why the fuss?

Well, it's simple.  Los Angeles is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and that neighborhood is chock full of them.  In a sanctuary city, people here unlawfully aren't held to the same standards as they would in locations where laws aren't just for citizens.  They're not going to be questioned about their immigration status unless they commit other crimes.  They won't be required to carry ID that legal non-citizen immigrants must have on them, as a matter of federal law. They're not going to have to apply for and acquire bothersome permits to sell food and other items on the street.  Further, if they get picked up for driving without licenses, they won't be arrested.  And even if they do something that results in arrest, the chances of having their backgrounds checked for legal residency in the U.S. are pretty slim.

Illegal aliens are not criminals here.  Hell, our mayor told them so just a few years ago, in response to enthusiastic cheers. Not only that, but the new Chief of Police would never have gotten his promotion signed off on by Mayor Villaraigosa if he had given any indication that he had much interest in making life unpleasant for the millions who live here in violation of immigration laws. Everyone knows this, including the "immigrant community" where this shooting took place.

Therefore, the locals don't want or expect cops to do much law enforcement at all.  After all, Mr. Jamines had been drunk and loud plenty of times.  What's the big deal now?  I mean, it was only a knife with a little blood on it and it's not as though he'd hurt anyone previously on the occasions he made an inebriated spectacle of himself, right?

It's a culture, folks.  Criminals don't want police around, period.  If you're not going to enforce these other laws, hell, why should we have to answer to anyone in a blue uniform?

This is a situation in which Villaraigosa and Police Chief Beck should happily marinate.  They have no one to blame other than themselves ... unless you want to count the City Council and other race-baiting local politicians who have made endless excuses for the undocumented and allowed this situation to fester for years.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White Nationalist Alert

I shot this clip awhile back because I had good reason to believe these guys were white nationalists who had walked into a legitimate border security advocacy street protest. I was about 85% sure, but when we're talking about calling people "Nazis," I'm not going to say anything until and unless I'm certain. Well, now I'm certain.

These two gentlemen are or were affiliated with a white nationalist outfit by the name of Freedom 14 (the number 14 has significance for white supremacists: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children / 14 words). From publicly available information, I have learned that they like to use the illegal immigration issue to ingratiate themselves/introduce their materials to the public. They have advertised and/or posted on the Stormfront website and, apparently, one of their common "ploys" when asked about the Holocaust is to behave as if they've never heard of it. The taller, dark haired guy has used or been referred to by multiple names, even in the group's own promotional videos.

To my knowledge (which is admittedly limited), all their public appearances/"activism" have taken place in Orange County. I shot this in San Juan Capistrano and they've distributed materials on at least one occasion in Huntington Beach.

VIDEO:  San Juan Capistrano, 2010

This is just an FYI. We didn't know who or what these guys were at our demonstration in South O.C., and I didn't openly confront them or round up a bunch of border security advocates to shoo them away (as we did when the Golden State Skinheads attempted to rally with us in Simi Valley, a few years back) because I simply wasn't 100% sure. I am now and will be forwarding this information to every border security activism organization of which I can think, here in California.

More Freedom 14 Videos/Promotionals:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carly Fiorina Wants It All ...

... and she's hardly alone.  A number of the uber-wealthy Republican candidates, who have been staking out positions on the immigration issue, seem to be saddled with the same desire.

I dunno, I've never had tens of millions of dollars to my name.  Maybe acquiring huge amounts of capital makes people more likely to believe that they can have two entirely contradictory positions and that all things are possible.

Case in point, Ms. Fiorina's fellow Californian and GOP member, Meg Whitman. The former Ebay CEO ran a string of ads prior to the Republican primary wherein she was touted as being "tough as nails on illegal immigration."  Only weeks later, however, she made the public pronouncement that her position on illegal immigration is almost identical to that of Jerry Brown.

Never one to be outdone by people who have never held elected office, Arizona Senator John McCain simply decided to rewrite history while plastering the Phoenix and Tucson areas with campaign ads characterizing him as a hawk on that state's border crisis.  When asked repeatedly at campaign stops why he championed the push for an amnesty when seeking the presidency two years ago, he repeatedly stated  I didn't.

Now getting into this groove is the woman who would replace Barbara Boxer as California's junior senator.  Without batting an eye yesterday, during a debate with the incumbent, Ms. Fiorina asserted (almost in the same breath) that she supports the DREAM Act and is absolutely opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

That Ms. Fiorina, is quite a trick.  Even for a former head of Hewlett-Packard with your impeccable academic credentials.  In fact, in that same vein, I would request that you attempt at least one of the following to prove that you indeed possess the ability to pull this whole Love-DREAM-Act-And-Hate-Amnesty stunt off:

A.  Vow to expose yourself to the Arts and improve your mind this Labor Day Weekend while making sure you miss not a minute of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon being featured on VH1.

B.  Go on a crash diet while eating 3 meals a day at Church's Chicken.

C.  Proclaim your disgust with Lebron James for his narcissism and self absorption while anxiously standing in line to purchase Lakers tickets decked out in an NBA replica Kobe Bryant jersey.

D.  Criss-cross the country in a private jet and limousine to various engagements where you are scheduled to warn people about the dangers of global warming.

E.  Suck down a couple cans of Red Bull on the way to the gym, to get yourself primed for exercise that your doctor has told you is necessary to reduce your blood pressure.

F.  Religiously watch MSNBC while complaining about the bias and lack of objectivity present on the FOX News Channel.