Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Illegal Alien Nestled In The Obama Family Tree

President Obama is either a psychic or God has a sense of humor about U.S. immigration concerns. Given the way his family has almost immediately benefitted from his recent effort to sidestep the will of Congress, there just doesn't seem to be another plausible explanation for the events of the past couple weeks.

Uncle Omar
Here's what happened: On August 18, Janet Napolitano proudly announced that the Department of Homeland Security will be practicing a revised policy. Essentially, through the use of "prosecutorial discretion," her agency will only pursue deportation of illegal aliens who have previously been deported or have a record of serious criminal activity.  In substance, President Obama just turned the rest of the country into Los Angeles. More specifically, an illegal alien will pretty much have to kill, rape or steal something significant before he gets even a sniff from immigration enforcement authorities. This was widely understood, by Republicans and Democrats alike, to be the President's attempt to win back Latino voters who have been peeved with him about his failure to deliver the amnesty he promised while campaigning back in 2008.

Aunt Zeituni 
Then, only days after Napolitano's announcement, in an apparent attempt to celebrate the de facto amnesty his nephew just handed out to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., Onyango Obama allegedly got liquored up and raced around the streets of Framingham, Massachusetts, before being pulled over and cited for driving under the influence. In fairness to Uncle Omar (as he was referred to in "Dreams From My Father"), it should be noted that he has yet to be convicted of the charge, and asserted after blowing a .14 into a breathalyzer that there was nothing wrong with the way he was operating his Mitsubishi. Further, he believes the police officers, who claim they had to slam on their brakes to avoid being hit by his vehicle, are mistaken because he heard no squealing tires at the time the collision was avoided.

Reportedly, when Uncle Omar was being booked he was advised that he had a right to a phone call, and the arrestee indicated his desire to contact the White House.  Insofar as the rest of the booking process at the Framingham Police Station was concerned, it was quickly discovered that Onyango Obama is in violation of a deportation order that dates back almost twenty years.

If this is beginning to sound familiar, it's probably because Onyango's sister (the President's aunt), Zeituni Onyango, was also discovered to have violated a deportation order when she was residing in government funded housing and receiving government checks, during the time the President was making his initial run for the White House (Aunt Zeituni has since been granted asylum which magically occurred after Obama won the election in '08).

Since obtaining residency rights in the U.S., Aunt Zeituni's most significant contribution to the country has been to publicly complain how her taxpayer-funded life in the U.S. has been a nightmare, but that's a story for another time (A video of Aunt Zeituni voicing her grievances about her life in the United States: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XIXW23QzTw&feature=related).

Billy Carter
In retrospect, as events have unfolded, the President's actions are beginning to make sense. After all, he has good reason to want the rest of the U.S. to be more like Southern California. The reality is, he's very much like many Angelenos. Think about it. Barack Obama has multiple members of his family who are "sin papeles" (without papers) and receive all sorts of goodies from American taxpayers. Further, these folks can't seem to be bothered to abide by our laws regarding residency and driving. Lastly, the chances of any member of law enforcement doing anything about their illegal presence is close to zero. In short, the Obama Family would fit right in to Maywood, Pico Rivera, Huntington Park, Panorama City and many other Los Angeles neighborhoods that used to seem like parts of the United States.

If this complete disregard for the Rule of Law and common sense is troubling to you, we hope you will at least take some solace in the fact that former President Jimmy Carter is probably sitting on a porch in Georgia enjoying a great sense of relief. After all, prior to the shenanigans perpetrated by Obama's merry pair of undocumented relatives, Billy Carter was pretty much considered to be the most embarrassing presidential family member in modern history.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Throwing Tantrums And Throwing Babies

California Illegal Aliens Recently In The News

Pictured in this entry are Jorge Herrera and Sonia Hermosillo, people unlawfully in this country who have been making Southern California their home. The latter recently came to the public's attention when she allegedly tossed her infant from the fourth floor of a parking structure in Orange County. The former was desperately seeking the public's attention when he tossed a fit in front of a federal immigration building in L.A.

Jorge is demanding that we give him, and those similarly situated, legal residency, whereas Sonia would probably like nothing more at the moment than to be released from county jail.

What do these two have in common?

1. In addition to ignoring immigration regulations, neither one seems to care much for our nation's laws.

2.  Jorge and Sonia have no business being inside the United States.

3.  They're both costing California taxpayers a pretty penny.

In fairness to the former mother (her infant recently died from his injuries), there may be something wrong with her. In addition to her illegal presence in our country, that is. Based upon what has been reported, it is likely her legal team will assert some manner of diminished capacity defense as it has been asserted that she is suffering from depression. This is in contrast to Jorge, the Harbor College student who quite knowingly blocked an entrance to a federal immigration facility while being cheered on by members of the Brown Berets and National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

What isn't in question, however, is the tab these two are running up in government funded services. Assuming Jorge has attended public schools since arriving in California at the age of four, his grade school education has cost taxpayers well over $100,000.  This price tag, of course, doesn't include the subsidized reduced college tuition rates for illegal aliens (AB 540) he's been receiving at the community college he attends, nor the law enforcement response expenses when he periodically takes part in public demonstrations (http://www.pcccourier.com/news/students-arrested-at-immigrant-rights-rally-1.2531127) to insist that he is entitled to stay here and be given a green card and social security number.

As for Sonia, well, anyone who has ever seen a medical bill can take a guess at the size of the tab she will be foisting upon Californians after her psychiatric evaluations, medical treatment, incarceration and trial expenses, and infant's medical bills come due.  And, of course, we shouldn't figure in any maternity hospital costs for her pregnancy or WIC benefits she may have been receiving for her American-born infant, because it is common knowledge that illegal aliens all have medical insurance and don't take advantage of government food subsidy programs for children they couldn't afford in the first place.

We at DerailAmnesty.com are well aware, of course, that many on the west coast hold sentiments that differ from ours regarding the presence of illegal immigrants. For those reading this passage who feel a degree of sympathy for Jorge and Sonia, please take comfort in the knowledge that under the new guidelines for "selective prosecution" of immigration law violators, as recently put forth by the DHS, the chances of either of these two being deported any time soon are miniscule to none. In fact, if Sonia is acquitted at trial, and Jose ever winds up getting collared at one of his public exhibitions of self expression, they're both excellent candidates to apply for and receive work permits under the new standards authored by the Obama administration.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Barack's Best Amnesty

Five groups were key in the election of our President, three years ago:

1.  Voters intent upon repudiating the eight years of the Bush Administration.
2.  Blacks
3.  Latinos
4.  College educated white females
5.  Independents

Fifteen months before Obama's second round with the national electorate, however, the landscape has changed significantly. Group One no longer exists. Group Two is enduring a 16% unemployment rate.  Group Three is composed of many people who are hopping mad that the President has failed to deliver the amnesty he promised, on the campaign trail, during his first year in office; and Groups Four and Five are being buffeted about by a plummeting stock market and a greatly devalued U.S. dollar.

Let's be realistic, if a presidential election were held next week, Barack Obama would be a Dead Incumbent Walking. The members of the groups, listed above, who propelled him to victories in many swing states, would cast their ballots for him in reduced numbers. Additionally, the President could expect to receive even fewer votes from the groups that supported him in low numbers the first time around.  Thanks to Obamacare, among Employed White Males and Voters 65 and Over, the former Illinois senator is viewed as even more of an extremist fringe character than he was in 2008.

In short, Mr. Obama must re-energize his base if he wants a chance to serve a second term. Given the amount of debt he has heaped upon the nation, however, there's little chance job growth will drastically improve. Further, the stock market is subject to financial fortunes overseas and a host of factors over which he has little or no control. Finally, he'd rather die than scrap his widely derided socialized medicine scheme, which he believes will be his great legacy ... so that leaves the amnesty.  There are just two problems: The economy stinks and there hasn't been anything close to a majority of voters who have voiced support for the concept of rewarding immigration and employment law violators with residency rights.

What's a President to do?  Pretend he's Congress, that's what!  More specifically, Barack Obama has authorized the Department of Homeland Security to essentially stop seeking deportations of illegal alien college students (along with many others currently in the country unlawfully). If you can't get the law changed, just stop enforcing the parts you find politically inconvenient!  In substance, the DHS will no longer be seeking the removal of illegal aliens brought here as children or those pursuing higher education. To get hauled into deportation proceedings, one is probably going to have to start killing, robbing or raping. And what of the 300,000 people currently in deportation proceedings? We've already been told that most of them can expect to receive work permits.

It's not quite the amnesty he or the illegals wanted, but hey, it's the best Mr. Obama can do under the circumstances. Truth be told, he probably never thought it would be this difficult. The DREAM Act was submitted to Congress twice during his presidency but those silly legislators just wouldn't pass it! Resultingly, rather than accept the will of the people as voiced by their elected representatives, he does an end around by forsaking his oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce federal laws.

Now, the only things that remains to be seen are how millions of Hispanic voters react, and just what other chicanery the President will conjure up in his desperate attempt to motivate his base of loyalist supporters to vote for him again next year.

For a peek at the level of support and excitement the President formerly received from many in the Latino community, click on the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fd-MVU4vtU 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry Aids And Abets Illegal Immigration

With much fanfare today, Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination (http://www.rr.com/video/2091883396).  Like all aspirants to the White House, the former Democrat intends to feature his successes and political accomplishments. As he will be attempting to appeal to a conservative audience, however, he probably won't highlight many of the things listed below. In fact, he's likely to try to minimize or outright deny them, while simultaneously attempting to feature some seemingly pro-law enforcement steps he's conveniently taken just prior to throwing his hat in the ring for the presidency. 

The reality about Rick Perry, however, is not in question and is simply a matter of record. A portion of that record is as follows:

- Texas is second only to California in the size of its illegal alien population. During the decade Rick Perry has acted as Governor, the Lone Star State's number of illegal aliens and anchor babies has consistently grown.

- Governor Perry has rejected Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law enforcement measure, describing it as inappropriate for Texas.

- Rick Perry acted as the chairman of Al Gore's Texas campaign to obtain the Democratic Party presidential nomination, in 1988.

- Governor Perry has repeatedly voiced his opposition to building a border fence. He has derided the notion of completing the barrier as "nonsense" and "idiocy."

- Governor Perry signed a bill granting taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition rates to illegal aliens in Texas. Perry happily boasted of this accomplishment when making an official visit to Mexico.

- The Governor from Texas has opposed the use of E-Verify, a free system available to employers that allows them to check whether or not they are hiring someone who can legally work in the U.S.

- While speaking in Mexico in 2007, Perry called for a "... free flow of individuals between these two countries who want to work and want to be an asset to our country and to Mexico.”

Governor Perry has endured criticism from some as being similar to another Texas governor, George W. Bush. We at DerailAmnesty.com feel that's unfair, however. After all, George W. Bush never lied about his desires to accomodate, and ultimately grant legalization to, millions of illegal aliens. He was very up front about his intention to achieve "comprehensive immigration reform." Perhaps a more realistic comparison is made between Rick Perry and another faux conservative, John McCain.  Senator McCain engaged in much the same type of about-face, tough-talk-on-immigration and empty posturing, when he desperately attempted to salvage his senate seat last year, as Rick Perry has in the months leading up to his presidential run.

Readers who would like more insight into Governor Perry's immigration views and positions are invited to click on the following link:  https://www.numbersusa.com/content/nusablog/beckr/july-28-2011/rick-perry-gets-d-minus-immigration-middle-bad-gop-pack.html

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorlines.com's "Drop The I-Word" Campaign

In polite and educated contemporary society, you can't say ni--er or sp--. Further, Jews can't be referred to as k--es, and it's really not acceptable to call an Italian a d--o. In the past few years, even fag--t has fallen into disfavor. These are considered taboo terms, and most Americans agree that they constitute a form of profanity.

And since people who use them are commonly frowned upon, you can bet your last dollar that many who passionately desire another immigration amnesty, would love to add the terms illegal aliens and illegal immigrants to this list.

In fact, the folks at ColorLines.com feel so strongly about this topic, they have sponsored a Drop The I-Word Campaign, that is endorsed with a spiffy website (DropTheIWord.com) and nicely produced video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6GcPft7mqU)

Now, in fairness to self-styled progressives, the people at Colorlines.com, who describe their website as one that provides award-winning reporting, analysis, and solutions to today's racial justice issues, are hardly the first illegal alien cheerleaders to promote this notion.

A few years prior to his recent felony conviction in L.A. Superior Court, Nativo Lopez, of the Mexican-American Political Association, burst into anger on national cable television when he was asked a question about "a boycott of all illegal aliens in this country." He bellowed that illegal aliens is a derisive term. He added that "You don't say kike, patty, WOP, OK, you don't say nigger!" Lopez went on to scold the show's host that "You're using language that's offensive to me and offensive to my people!"

Fast forward to 2010 when Janet Murguia was part of a well-organized (and successful) campaign to have the Lou Dobbs Show taken off CNN. Dobbs, someone who was well known for his opposition to illegal immigration, was described by Murguia, who heads the National Council for La Raza, as someone "handing hate a microphone."

Now some listening to the comments of Mr. Lopez and Ms. Murguia might be a bit befuddled. Why are they arguing about the language?  If illegal aliens are so great, why don't they tell us how important they are to the nation, and necessary for our continued prosperity?  And the answer to that question is: They already did that and it didn't work.

That's why they're now hurling accusations and complaining of "hate speech."

The reality is that people who want a broad scale amnesty for millions of illegal aliens have been completely unable to persuade a majority of American voters. In fact, they really haven't even gotten close, although it certainly hasn't been due to a lack of effort.  Specifically, U.S. citizens have been told that illegal aliens:

A) ...only take the jobs that Americans won't do.
B) ... are just another addition to a nation built by immigrants.
C) ... only came here for a better life.
D) ... are doing what American citizens would do, if they had been born into poverty in another country.
E) ... will be a net gain of over a trillion dollars if they're put on "a pathway to citizenship."
F) ... are crucial to the health of the American economy.
G) ... only come here to work.
H) ... are a fundamental component of a multicultural society of which we can be proud.
I) ... who are legalized by "comprehensive immigration reform," won't really be receiving the benefits of an amnesty. Rather, they'll be acquiring "earned citizenship."

And all of these assertions (and others) have failed in the marketplace of ideas. Sure, some people buy into them, but most don't. Republicans and Democrats alike have tried to sell this package, and people simply haven't been lining up to buy it. National polls repeatedly show that a majority of Americans want current immigration and employment laws enforced.

Well, that didn't work, so what's next?  After all, community organizers and SEIU thugs can't be everywhere to intimidate Tea Partiers and conservatives, so how are we going to manage the national debate? Simple, and right from the George Orwell playbook -- You don't have a right to speak about it freely, and say derisive things about those here unlawfully, because your language and ideas are unacceptable.

More simply, intimidation and speech regulation are the far left's substitutes for a convincing argument.  These things are intended to silence those who disagree.

In support of this censorship effort, people who visit DropTheIWord.com are presented with a trio of substantively bankrupt assertions. The term "illegal" is 1) racist,  2) dehumanizing, and 3) a legally inaccurate term that confuses the debate and is never used by judges and attorneys

Almost needless to say, these positions are transparent nonsense. Firstly, "illegal alien" describes a foreign national who is unlawfully in the United States. Illegal aliens come in every skin tone and members of the public are more than aware of this. Proponents of the "racism" argument will assert that although illegal aliens come in different colors, most of the undocumented here are Latinos, and therefore it is associated with people wrapped in brown skin.  That's true. Most illegal aliens are Latin Americans ... and the large majority of serial killers are white, and a disproportionately high number of people engaging in security fraud offenses are Jews.  Does that mean "serial killer" and "stock swindler" are now bigoted hate references for caucasians and Hebrews?

Secondly, "illegal alien" is hardly a "dehumanizing" term. Everyone knows what an illegal alien is. When a listener hears the phrase, a picture pops into his head, and it isn't of an insect, bear, reptile or little green man hopping out of a flying saucer. When people think of illegal aliens, they think of large families, children in need of schooling, and people bearing a host of consumer wants and desires - all very homo sapiens specific traits.  Indeed, there are pejorative words used to refer to those who come here unlawfully. Cockroaches, locusts, and parasites are all derisive references to the undocumented that suggest sub-human characterstics. "Illegal aliens," however, falls well outside the boundaries of the territory occupied by such ill-concieved language.

Thirdly, there is nothing "confusing" or "inaccurate" about "illegal aliens."  The general public is not unclear or "mixed-up" about what the term means.  Further, the assertion that legal practitioners don't use the terms "illegal aliens" or "illegal immigrants" is outright fiction, period (http://www.gand.uscourts.gov/pdf/111cv1804_order.pdf).

In short, free expression seems to be a priority of illegal alien advocates when they cheer on the undocumented who parade through our streets, waving foreign flags, and demanding legalization. Any pronouncements by these marchers that opponents are "Hitler," "the Klan" or "Nazis" are just part of a robust debate protected by our nation's First Amendment. Start talking about "illegal immigrants," however, and clearly, the person voicing his opinion is conveying "hate" that needs to be restricted.

It is our hope that this blog's readers will see the Murguias, Lopezes and Colorlines.com folks for what they are. Would-be bullies who would love to pressure you into just keeping quiet on a topic about which they don't have a chance of winning a real argument.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture (Part II)?

If you're feeling a sense of disbelief about the recent downgrade of our country's credit worthiness, you're probably not a Californian. Here on the west coast, we've been leading the country in budget shortfall for some time. Consequently, all this debt deluge is sorta' old hat to folks in the Golden State. California has an annual budget deficit over twice the size of any other state's, and its residents have endured cutbacks and closures as a result. The bills for irresponsible government are coming due in California, and we have been witnessing the types of austerity and roll backs in government services that the rest of the nation will be experiencing, as a matter of necessity, very shortly.

That's not to say, however. that our state has become the model of fiscal responsibility. The same left-wing nitwits who plunged us into this fiscal abyss are still running the state, and continue to conduct themselves in a fashion that would leave any rational person wondering exactly who these politicians believe they represent.

Case in point, here are three recent local news stories or notices, all related to California's response to financial problems:

1.  Services to California's disabled, mentally unsound, and elderly are slashed as part of Governor Brown's new budget.


2.  40% of California's state parks will be closed by September, due to cuts accepted by Governor Brown to address his state's budget problems.


3.  Governor Brown signs the California Dream Act; legislation from lawmakers in Sacramento that will provide financial aid to California's illegal alien college students.


Take your time. Read these three pieces, and then do as the staff members of this website did, for the second time in as many months. Ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?"