Saturday, May 28, 2011

California's Accelerating Demise

The end is nearing, and it's not that far away anymore. Oh, make no mistake, California will still be here, but very shortly, it won't be much like anything that people who have lived here for awhile have known.

The culture, the quality of life, pristine environment, and enviable public school systems are rapidly being segregated into ever-shrinking areas of affluence.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that the focus here is on illegal immigration.  Is the presence of people who are unlawfully in the country the only thing that has led to the Golden State's desperate financial and demographic situation, however? Clearly, no. There's been plenty of irresponsible spending by California politicians that is, at most, only marginally related to the millions of the undocumented who have set up house here.

Still, you can't escape the facts; facts that are so plain and obvious that one doesn't need to hold an MBA degree to see that much of California's economic ruin has resulted from nearly unfettered unlawful immigration from Latin America. We're rapidly absorbing the poorest and least educated that countries in that area of the world gladly send north, and the bills for having done this are coming due. California's illegal alien and anchor baby population is well over twice the size of any other state's, and not surprisingly, our state's budget deficit is also over twice the size of any other state's. 

When you lack money, you borrow. California certainly has, out the yin yang. In fact, California is so far in debt that its credit rating is the lowest of all 50 states.  And when you can't borrow anymore, you do without.  California is ...

Because we have been so busy building public schools (among other things) to keep up with an exploding Hispanic population, and repeatedly raising public school teachers' compensation to convince educators to work in dreary academic conditions surrounded by limited-English learners and street criminals, we essentially stopped constructing prisons. Well the illegal alien children, and the offspring of current and former illegal aliens, who now make up the bulk of public school students here, have been graduating at rates below 50%.

Where does a person with little education, who has been raised in a family where skirting laws is everyday conduct, commonly wind up?  You guessed it.  Over half of the people in California jails and prisons are current and former illegal aliens, and their children.  In fact, we have so many illegals and anchor babies that our "gray bar hotels" are stuffed.  Jam-packed to the degree that the Supreme Court recently ruled they violate 8th Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment (

OK, so just build more prisons, right?  Sure ... with what money?  We already spent it on teachers, free public school breakfasts and lunches, new grade school campuses, discounted college tuition for illegal aliens, and prison guards who watch over our growing population of people who didn't seem to benefit from the money we've been laying out to educate/babysit them.

The bottom line: California will be releasing tens of thousands of convicts because government officials don't have any other choice.

Therefore, when we say the Golden State "won't be much like anything that people who have lived here for awhile have known," that isn't hyperbole or agenda motivated exaggeration. It's simply reality. The most basic function of government is to protect people and property. California's government increasingly can't because the money is all gone, and so are many of the citizen taxpayers who never wanted any part of this grand liberal immigration experiment and politically correct nonsense, to begin with.

A video concerning the exodus of middle class taxpayers from California:

If The Southern Border Is So Secure ...

Barack Obama visited El Paso yesterday and spoke strongly in support of his desire to award residency rights to millions of illegal aliens.  He stated that great strides have been taken to secure the border and, therefore, in his view, it is time to provide a "pathway to citizenship" because he has certainly upheld his end of the bargain (A portion of the President's speech:

Naturally, Mr. Obama was working hard to appease a largely sympathetic audience and, therefore, didn't take questions from individuals who disagree with his assessment of conditions in the U.S., near Mexico.  Further, staff members from were not present yesterday in Texas, however, were we ever granted an opportunity to speak to our chief executive, here are ten questions we'd love to hear him answer:

Mr. President, if the border is so secure ...

1.  Why have elected officials in Arizona been pleading with you to enforce federal laws? Why are they spending millions fighting your administration in court, in an attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into their state?

2.  How did Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry lose his life at the hands of armed members of a Mexican "rip crew," while he was performing his job on American soil?

3.  Why do organizations, like Enrique Morones's Border Angels, routinely leave water in strategic locations in the desert, so people unlawfully crossing from Mexico won't die from dehydration?

4.  Why did the Government Accountability Office just release a report stating that less than 45% of our border with Mexico is under control?

5.  Why are there signs on the edge of thousands of acres of Arizona park land, advising Americans to stay out because of the presence of foreign narco-traffickers and human smugglers?

6.  Why do dozens of ranchers, who live miles north of the Mexican border, repeatedly testify when called upon, that large groups of crossers routinely traverse their properties, often times breaking into homes in search of food and water? Are they lying?

7.  How did bullets from a recent gunfight in Juarez wind up striking buildings on the University of Texas, El Paso campus? (

8. Why are there endless piles of empty water jugs, garbage bags and discarded food packaging in the desert, on both sides of the Mexican-American border?

9. Why have numerous current and retired border patrol employees supported Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever's claim that border patrol officers have been encouraged to chase away illegal crossers, rather than taking them into custody, in an effort to drive down apprehension numbers?

10. How did Rob Krentz get killed on his ranch by an illegal crosser, twenty miles north of the border, who then fled back into Mexico?