Friday, November 12, 2010

Laws Don't Apply To Us - Part II

Several weeks ago, a writing, touching upon community protests against police in Westlake, appeared on this blog.  The local residents around MacArthur Park (most of whom are illegal aliens and their offspring) were upset about the shooting death of a local drunk who confronted police officers with a knife.

It was asserted in that piece that the real issue vexing the locals was that the LAPD had enforced the law in an area where the undocumented are used to police turning a blind eye to many of their daily illegal activities.  Los Angeles is a sanctuary city and the illegals like it that way.

It is unfair of you (and racist to the core!) to prevent us from running unlicensed businesses, using fake ID's, ignoring health code regulations, engaging in identity theft, etc. etc. - This is pretty much the unspoken attitude of the locals and their well-organized advocates.    One such advocacy outfit is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), headed by Angelica Salas.

CHIRLA, and organizations like it in L.A., exist for one basic reason:  To perpetuate and aid the continued presence of Latino illegal aliens in Southern California.

In short, if you're brown and "without papers," CHIRLA will have your back.  Whatever unlawful shenanigans you've been engaging in are almost entirely irrelevant to the staff members of CHIRLA, whose political mindset is well to the left of mainstream American thought.  These folks aren't "liberals," they are ethnocentric extremists bent upon shielding local illegal aliens from any consequences of their actions.

Case in point:  The recent vice squad bust of Club 907 near downtown.

Club 907 is a "hostess club" that offers dancing and "companionship" to patrons (all at an hourly charge).  It is one of several such area businesses that advertises pretty girls and dancing, but is commonly rumored to be offering less wholesome forms of entertainment.

The LAPD recently busted Club 907, and in response, CHIRLA and Angelica Salas had these public observations to offer:  Most who were arrested were simply "honest, hard working immigrants."  From CHIRLA's management's perspective "The LAPD has acted rashly by arresting those it claims to protect, and in the process, endanger the delicate balance between local policing and immigration enforcement."

So, what did the cops actually find when they engaged in a long overdue raid of one of these hostess club rat holes?

$100,000 in cash
Two bags of cocaine
Supplies of condoms
Alcohol (Club 902 has no liquor license)
Dozens of allegedly fake ID's
A missing 17 year old girl

Assuming that what the terribly illegal alien friendly LAPD claims to have found turns out to be accurate, it appears that Ms. Salas and her subordinates have a somewhat different idea of what constitutes "honest,  hard working immigrants" than most of the rest of us.

Remember, for them, illegal aliens remaining here is the bottom line.  And for that to work, the laws simply must remain unenforced.

The story as reported by the L.A. Times:

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  1. Well said and nicely reported too. Hunt them down and throw them out.