Sunday, January 16, 2011

Addicted To Spending

California has a budget problem that dwarfs those of other states, and that includes budget problems of other illegal immigrant saturated states that also find themselves seriously in the red (California 28 billion; New Jersey 10.5 billion; Illinois 15 billion).  How does California manage to stay on top?  After all, it's not as though there aren't fiscally irresponsible elected officials elsewhere.  What is it that consistently puts the Golden State head and shoulders above all competitors when it comes to the pursuit of financial armageddon?

The staff at would suggest that it is equal parts obliviousness and unbridled creativity on the part of political office holders. In fact, local politicians often come up with ways to spend California taxpayer money that many couldn't dream up if they tried. This week's example comes in the form of State Assemblyman, Gilbert Cedillo. Cedillo is perhaps best known for his repeated attempts to acquire drivers licenses for illegal aliens, however, it now appears that California state-issued ID's are not the only thing he'd like to shove into the pockets of millions of our undocumented neighbors.  More specifically, he is submitting a bill that will provide state finanancial aid to illegal alien college students. In short, his proposed "California DREAM Act" will make grants of thousands of dollars available to students on California campuses who aren't even supposed to be in the country.

Well, California public universities must be rolling in the dough, right? Can't they afford this inane exercise in political correctness and subverting federal immigration laws?

Actually, they can't. Recently elected governor, Jerry Brown, has just announced his plans to cut 1.4 billion dollars out of the CSU and UC systems. Spending at California public campuses will essentially be rolled back to financing levels that existed when there were 70,000 fewer students enrolled at California run colleges.  Classes are going to be drastically cut and tuition costs will grow rapidly.

However, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that illegal aliens at Sonoma State and UC Riverside will soon have access to free money that could be given to them in amounts ranging from four to eleven thousand dollars, annually. And the best part about all this? Governor Brown recently stated, at a UCLA campus rally just last month, that he intends to sign the bill when it passes.

No, we're not making this up and it's not April Fools Day. An article conveying much of what is reported here can be accessed by clicking on this link -

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