Monday, February 28, 2011

Lindsey Graham v. The Truth

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to hand out residency rights to millions of illegal aliens.  As anyone who follows the issue of our out-of-control borders knows, he's been in favor of an amnesty for years.

Well, there's certainly no shame in it.  Lots of people in our country agree with him.  What should cause him some embarrassment, however, are the arguments and assertions he's been peddling in support of his position.

Since he's had a lot of years to think about them, and South Carolina is hardly the worst university one could have as an alma mater, he should be able to come up with better stuff than the dishonest tripe that's been running out of his mouth.

Case in point, here are some "comprehensive immigration reform" cheerleading statements he peddled at a recent Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathering, in San Antonio.

 “If we shut this country off from the rest of the world, we’re going to slowly die as a nation.”

OK, interesting observation ... and completely unrelated to the issue of what we're going to do about our southern border and the millions of illegal aliens here.  If we somehow magically permanently prevented anyone from breaking in ever again, while simultaneously deporting every illegal here, we'd hardly be "shut off" from the rest of the world.  America allows in more LEGAL immigrants each year than any other ten countries combined, and Senator Graham knows this.

“Right now, we’ve got an irrational immigration system that can’t tell the difference between a guy who wants to fix roofs and a guy who wants to sell drugs.”

That's hardly true.  Newcomers who want to repair buildings are quite welcome, and ones caught peddling dope are subject to denial of naturalization and deportation.  What these folks have in common, however, is that they are all required to enter the country legally.  The laws on the books distinguish between honest laborers and felons.  What is "irrational," however, are politicians like Graham who seem unwilling to distinguish between an "immigrant" and an "illegal alien."

“I’m not going to create a bill to help my party with Hispanics; I’m going to create a bill to help America.”

No, he's going to attempt to hustle another amnesty that is intended to help the corporate interests that own him. Lindsey Graham is entirely bought and paid for by big businesses that stands to profit from cheap labor and new consumers. This is hardly a secret to anyone who takes a peek at the list of his most generous campaign contributors. You'd just think that, in return for their money, their puppet could've come up with better lies that don't seem so lame and obvious.

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