Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enforcement Works

The lessons of Georgia and Arizona have been planted squarely in front of any Californian who is willing to look - Enforcement of immigration laws works.

In fact, even the threat or appearance of upcoming enforcement causes many families with illegal aliens to head elsewhere.

"Immigrants" in Georgia, preparing to flee before new enforcement laws take effect

The photograph that appears with this entry is from a recent issue of the Tifton Gazette.  It is a snapshot of  fifty plus Mexican nationals awaiting a bus that is destined for Mexico.  They are standing around in a parking lot of a local supermarket preparing to be driven home.  Keep in mind this is all taking place with a federal court having disallowed/suspended two provisions of Georgia's new immigration enforcement legislation.

Remember, Californians, that we don't have to live as we do. It is a choice we have made.  Our elected officials have set up numerous sanctuary cities, and treated employment  and residency regulations as if they are optional.  The Golden State has the largest population of illegal immigrants in the nation, and it has achieved such for more reasons than geographical location.

The evidence of recent events in Georgia and Arizona reveals that the warnings about having to spend billions on deportation proceedings are absurd.  People who worry about jail and unemployment commonly leave of their own free will.

Thousands of families with illegal aliens fled Arizona, and now they are fleeing Georgia.  Enforcement of laws in California would result in the same reaction, only on a much larger scale.

Article in the Tifton Gazette:

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