Monday, September 19, 2011

Support! Support America!

The sad truth is that not all Americans can match the dedication to this country displayed by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Indeed, not everyone we know or see in our daily lives has pledged his support to President Obama. These same individuals, many of whom were still desperately clinging to their guns and religion during the '08 campaign, now pass on lies and smears about our nation's leader.

The airwaves, social networks and the blogs on the internet have been filled with hate speech they ridiculously try to justify as political dissent.

Do you know who some of these people are? Will you tell us where they can be found? Or are you simply going to stand by while they attack what's best about America and try to hide behind an anachronistic Constitution?

Your President needs you. Progressive policies and forward-thinking ideas must be preserved. We urge you to help defend your country at this critical juncture in our nation's proud history. Please, report people who speak, post or write any of the following suggestions or lies, at .

Recent stimulus packages have made the economy worse

Government has become far too big and intrusive

Enforcing employment laws against those here unlawfully would create millions of jobs

Foreign leaders have little respect for our president

Government money given to Solyndra was a political payoff to major Obama campaign contributors

The border is not safer and more secure than ever

Actions by the U.S. military must be preceded by a declaration of war, by Congress

Obamacare will result in lower quality care at a much higher cost

Comprehensive immigration reform is really a dressed-up amnesty

President Obama was not unaware of Jeremiah Wright's beliefs and sermons

There are at least 20 million illegal aliens in the United States

Mayor McCheese has a better chance of creating desperately needed jobs

This message has not been brought to you in any way, shape or form by Obama For America.

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  1. After reporting an attack page 2 comes up!
    I reported attacks on Americans by a out of control and corrupt administration!