Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Start Paying ... Now!

Not all hard-core amnesty advocates are entirely unrealistic.  Most realize that the legalization for millions, that they'd love to obtain, will not be coming this year.  After all, there's an election around the bend and the nation is mired in a lengthy recession.

In response, a good number of folks on the left have adopted a more piecemeal approach.  Specifically, they want a "down payment" on comprehensive immigration reform from the American public.  And in their minds, the appropriate immediate compensation should be in the form of the DREAM Act.

For those not familiar with the DREAM Act, it is proposed legislation that would grant an amnesty (with a few bells and whistles on it) to tens of thousands of illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. as minors.  It's been rejected by Congress on each of the prior occasions it has been offered up in bills.

Nonetheless, its proponents remain undeterred.  Go ahead, "google" the words Dream Act Down Payment.  You'll receive dozens of hits.

Now, I'm neither a financial nor real estate expert, but I do understand two basic things about the term down payment.  It means a debt is owed and that more than one payment will be required to pay it off.

Therefore, my question to anyone who has read this far:  What do you believe American citizens owe to people who have been living in our country illegally?

How can we make this right with the illegals?  What's fair compensation from citizen taxpayers to the undocumented?  How much is owed to our neighbors who unlawfully reside in our nation and what is the best way to make fair payment?

I'd like to know and hope you'll share your opinion in a comment below.

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