Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Democrats' Political Football

We have an election coming up, just around the bend, and it appears to be a pretty bleak one for the folks currently holding superior elected numbers in Washington.  All indicators point to the Democrats being hauled out to the woodshed in November, by voters dissatisfied with a different type of change having been delivered than what they had expected.

Long story short:  The Republican voters are charged up, the Democratic ones anxious, and in the era of rocketing deficits, the independents have been sharply veering to the right.

Obama, Pelosi and the surprisingly endangered Harry Reid, would love to energize the people of color who played a large part in the Democratic success two years ago.  There's a problem, however.  A lot of them were Latinos and a good number are peeved that the president hasn't delivered on his "comprehensive immigration reform" promise.

Of course, the reality of the situation is that Obama can't deliver that promise before this election.  Not in a country boasting double-digit unemployment.  So, what can he do to appease these folks?  Well, you've been watching it.  He instructed Eric Holder to sue Arizona and he's made sure that a very public series of dismissals of immigration-related prosecutions in Houston have been available for public consumption by the media.

Will the White House make good on its promise to legalize millions of the undocumented any time soon?  Not likely.  Will the Democrats continue to use immigration as an issue to attempt to keep Hispanics on a short leash, and to ensure that they don't wander too far into more conservative pastures?  Absolutely.  Just ask Harry Reid.  He can't imagine how any Latino could be a member of the GOP.

The bottom line is that illegal immigration is too valuable an issue for people on the Left to resolve.  The value it holds as a demonization of the opposition tool, has enormous utility and they're trying to max it out to avoid the anticipated upcoming election upheaval.

Make good on promises instead?  That's a good one! 

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