Sunday, December 19, 2010

Disappointed "Dreamers" Speak Out

In the social circles the staff of inhabits, the senatorial rejection of the DREAM Act is considered an early Christmas present.  Border security proponents are happy that millions of people, who have no business being here in the first place, are not being made permanent additions to our nation ... at least on this occasion.

Many Californians, however, have very different sentiments.  They are emotionally invested in the notion of legalizing the undocumented and believe the DREAM Act should have passed years ago.

Below are some of their thoughts about the U.S. Senate's failure to pass what they believe would have been a "down payment on comprehensive immigration reform."

These messages were primarily collected over the weekend from comments sections in the websites for the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register.

What happened today, to me, is beyond sad, because it’s a lose-lose for everybody. – Senator Barbara Boxer

We are going to go around the country letting everybody know who stands with us and who stood against us. – Carlos S.

White Europeans illegal since 1492. They have no credibility on this land. – Derek G.

Holding the sins of the fathers against the children is irresponsible. We do not believe in liberty and justice for all in America. We believe in "I got mine, screw you."

What purpose is served by sending bright, talented young men and women out of the country who have done nothing wrong? How is America served by exiling kids who have known nothing but America since they became sentient beings?

Immanuel Kant was famous for saying that human beings should never be used as means to other ends but only seen as ends in themselves. Anything less is immoral and unjust. The scapegoating of these kids is immoral and unjust. It speaks poorly for the American people. And despite their vehement protests, it does suggest we have not overcome our racist and xenophobic tendencies. As Shakespeare said, "Methinks thou dost protest too much."

America is an adolescent nation in many ways. This is one of them. It's time to grow up, America. – Harry F.

Cowards in the Senate dashed the hopes of students who were brought here by their parents. These children have broken no laws and done nothing wrong. Shame on you. – Mac R.

If I may speak, does anybody remember where we come from, what is wrong with everyone, why is everyone hating immigrants and there nationality? This world was meant for everyone. America is a country with freedom, but no it does not have the freedom like everyone claims,  but it doesn't belong or is own by anyone, no country is, it doesn't matter if you were born here or have a power here rich or someone with higher authority. This world is meant for everyone to share, what kind of people is everyone evolving into? What are Americans so mad about? this was once a nation with different countries, do you not remember? And how are immigrants stealing education and health care because from what I know every kid in the U.S gets to go to school and receive an education and health care, they don't have the same benefits as the citizens?? Tell me because don't you realize you have it all? Why are you complaining? And the job market, it's really funny there are many jobs out there for everyone, but really, does any American really want to work cleaning bathrooms??  Go and apply there and stop blaming just because you're mad the economy is bad in the U.S.  Don't blame them for the actions that congress or senate are in debt for. America has been in debt for a quite awhile, hundreds and hundreds years back. Really, open your eyes. I mean that from the heart. – Tiffany M.

Republicans are so brainless. They say they are for family values yet their real ideologies are bigoted. If it doesn't benefit their pocket they say screw everyone else who is coming into this country because of a FAILED immigration system that takes years to get any path to citizenship. People in other countries are getting desperate and are looking for a BETTER LIFE. Republicans you SURE aren't trying to PROTECT CHILDREN! BIGOTS! – Guillermo A.

This bill will be back. 

Non-US citizens who serve in the military will be allowed US citizenship no matter how many of you racist backwards losers think otherwise. 

The bill will be introduced again. – Octavio G.

Be proud today. The Senate "struck a blow for Christian Democracy." That's how Ku Klux Klan members described politicians who voted against equal rights for African-Americans. I think there are definitely some parallels here. – Regis J.

You honestly believe that illegals are gonna go back? Stop blaming all the problems in the world on illegals. – Alfonso M.

The United States of America, the land of the slippery slope argument. The land of 2 + 2 = 5. The land of entitlement and bigotry. Let's get rid of all of the illegal immigrants so that we can then shift our anger back onto the Irish and the Italians. We wonder why we lack progress in this country, and why we're being overtaken by other countries. You know what it must be, the foreigners!! Let's run for the hills of West Virginia! Join the other ignorant folk!! Our engine is leaking oil, let's just put more oil in the engine!! Forget actually fixing the problem. Illegal immigrants don't give back to the system, that's the problem!! While we complain to Congress, let's fight for tax breaks too!! – Cynthia A.

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