Saturday, December 18, 2010

Undocumented and Unimpeded

The DREAM Act was rejected by the U.S. Senate, yet again, this morning.  That makes it now roughly half a dozen times it has failed to pass when offered up before federal legislators.  The will of the majority of taxpaying citizens was actually respected by elected officials, on this occasion.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that it really doesn't matter as much as it would seem.  

The people have just spoken about their revulsion at the idea of rewarding illegal aliens.  And they did the exactly same thing a few years ago when an avalanche of incoming calls, decrying an attempted "comprehensive immigration reform," crashed the U.S. Senate switchboard.  Americans want immigration and employment laws enforced, right?

It doesn't matter.  They won't be.  Certainly not in our neck of the woods.

Illegal aliens like Antonia Rivera and Jorge Herrera (pictured) will continue to scream and holler about their rights, how they feel victimized, and what they deem to be our obligation to change laws they and their families refuse to follow.

The reality is that illegal aliens are hardly "hiding in the shadows" on the West Coast.  The undocumented in California get away with a whole lot more than tax paying citizens ever could.  

Conducting unlicensed businesses, walking out on unpaid hospital bills, dumping education expenses, for children that have no business being here, on citizen taxpayers, engaging in unlawful employment, driving without insurance and licenses, utilizing fraudulent documents ... the list goes on.

They'll continue to do these things in L.A., Orange County and the Inland Empire, and elected officials and law enforcement will do next to nothing in response. Some of the younger ones wear shirts bearing the phrase "Undocumented And Unafraid!"

It makes sense.  They should be unafraid.  They know the will of the American people, the best interests of the state's and nation's citizens, and federal laws don't count for a whole lot in these parts.

Welcome to California in the early 21st century.

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  1. Too true. It's easy to imagine that many illegals oppose the Dream Act too. Amnesty will mean amnesty for only so many and then we are forced back to the basic confrontation -- policing against the simple presence of illegal immigrants.