Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laws Don't Apply To Us - Part III

Good news, if you're an illegal alien in Southern California!  Your unlawful existence in this part of the country just got even easier, thanks to ever-expanding sanctuary city policies in Los Angeles. More specifically, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck substantially reduced the chances that you'll be prevented from driving around uninsured and without a license.

How did this come to pass, you ask?  Simple, a bunch of pro-illegal alien cheerleaders hollered about discrimination and the Chief promptly changed the rules for impounding vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers who get nabbed at DUI/License checkpoints (L.A. Times story -

Why would a career cop do this?  After all, isn't it illegal to drive an automobile if you don't have a license and insurance?  Yes, but the reality is this -- Charlie Beck is a whore. And he is a whore as a matter of necessity. Anyone who occupies his position is going to jump when the Mayor of L.A. instructs him to do so.  This situation is the result of the reforms that were put in place after the Rodney King riots. The Chief of the LAPD essentially serves at the whim of the mayor, and Antonio Villaraigosa was a hardcore Chicano activist during his college days.  He no more wants illegals to feel uncomfortable in L.A. than he wants to seriously address the monster budget deficit he created during first term as Mayor of Los Angeles.

Bottom line, Los Angeles has the largest population of illegal aliens in the country for major reasons.  And chief among them is that many laws really just don't apply to the undocumented in this city (previous article about legal double standards in L.A. for the undocumented - It takes more than willing employers (L.A.'s got plenty), a liberal minded populace (L.A. has a large population of people who identify as progressives), close proximity to Mexico, and more Spanish language TV and radio stations than you can shake a stick at, to build the largest illegal alien population in the country.  L.A. has done it, however, to the extent that no other area in the U.S. comes close to matching the number of illegals and anchor babies who reside here.

You see, for illegal immigration to flourish, lots of state and local laws that have nothing to do with immigration must go unenforced.  Otherwise, life becomes too difficult for illegal aliens and they do the unthinkable -- They leave and go somewhere else.  Well, it's not too difficult here, in the least.  In fact, it's really comfortable here for illegal immigrants, and it is designed to be that way by local officials and special interest groups (Chamber of Commerce, SEIU, United Teachers Of Los Angeles, Nat'l Day Laborer Organizing Network, etc.) that want them here.

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