Monday, March 21, 2011

Nicky And Nightingale

Illegal immigration was a significant issue in the election in November, and perhaps the two most colorful California characters in the debate were Nicandra Diaz Santillan and Chelene Nightingale.  As you may recall, the latter asserted that the President is an illegal alien, and the former wailed about her journey to becoming an unemployed illegal alien.

Well, it's been several months since Californians went to the polls and reaffirmed their faith in the leadership of the Democratic Party.  Where are these two now?


When questioned on national television as to what actions would be taken against Nicky Diaz (who burst onto the scene when she sobbed her tale of employment and dismissal by GOP gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman), Department of Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano, said she wasn't sure. Well, four months later, we appear to have an answer:  Not any.

Not only is Nicky Diaz not facing prosecution by the federal government for unauthorized employment, fraud or utilization of forged documents, she's preparing to be hailed as a hero, in Los Angeles.

Angelica Salas and her outfit, CHIRLA, will be honoring Ms. Diaz, whom that organization describes as an "immigrant worker advocate," along with others, including recently retired Cardinal Roger "Child Molestation Enabler" Mahoney (  Apparently, as she does not have to concern herself about being apprehended by immigration authorities, Nicky now spends a portion of her post-election days fighting for a California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (


Once the California primary elections were concluded, American Independent Party gubernatorial candidate, Chelene Nightingale, pretty much had the position of immigration law enforcement to herself.  However, she may best be remembered, not for her advocacy to secure America's borders, but for concerns she voiced on the campaign trail about the alliance between the Rothschilds and the Bilderberg Group, chemtrails being seeded in American skies, and learning the truth about 9/11.

As she did not win the election in November, she never got to follow through on her campaign pledge to confront Barack Obama about his immigration status (, however, she apparently did not abandon her effort to become California's Governor.  In fact, it appears that she believes she is the Governor of California ... or, at least, the Republic of California.

A video recently surfaced that depicts Ms. Nightingale introducing another speaker, wherein she is described as Governor, California Republic ( From what the staff at can piece together, it seems that Chelene has become involved with a collection of folks that includes Ken Cousens. Mr. Cousens, who is praised by his admirers as a legal scholar, is of the opinion that the United States Federal Government is invalid as it has been operating in violation of Constitutional principles.  He states that this unlawful "corporation" has been operational since 1791, and that its claim to power is illegitmate.  Consequently, he appears to have taken steps to form another government, The Republic for the united States of America (, of which Chelene Nightingale is a part.

While Ms. Nightingale is purportedly California's Governor, the presidency is now claimed by a man named Tim Turner (James Timothy Turner). Prior to ascending to the Office of the Chief Executive, Mr. Turner earned a niche following on the internet by making presentations wherein he advised distressed homeowners that they can avoid mortgage foreclosures by taking "legal" actions that, apparently, include filing liens against judges and proclaiming one's status as a "free man." (

This "Republic" outfit had been selling National ID cards and "Travel Warrants" over the internet until, the organization's website reports, some former members made off with the ID card machines and payments made by people who tried to buy the cards.

Not allowing such pitfalls to interrupt her plans, however, Chelene made one of her key initial appearances as Governor, earlier this month, at a Denny's in Orange County. (

Anyone wishing to join Ms. Nightingale in pledging her allegiance to this "alternative government" of the U.S., may find application papers for membership/citizenship at .


  1. I have been unable despite numerous efforts to verify that Mrs Chelene Nightingale is the Governor of the "Republic of California".
    "The Republic" does not return email inquiries
    or phone calls.

    There are two items in existence that lend credibility to the statement that she is the new Guvernator. One, she had sent out a flyer for her Denny's appearance that had her title as Governor of California on it and two, in a video of the "Republic" event held in In Newport Beach California there is a a brief subtitle on the screen that describes her as the Governor. Mrs Nightingale further claims that Mr Ken Cousens is her Chief Justice.

    I have not heard a further thing from anyone else about Nightingale having been elected Governor of California. Thank you for commenting on this development.

  2. As of this posting, all inquiries from the staff at, made to "the Republic," have gone unanswered as well. We did, however, receive a response from the sponsors of Ms. Nightingale's event, that was held earlier this month in O.C. They confirmed that she spoke and that another representative of "The Republic" would likely be making a presentation in April.