Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dodger Stadium Is Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium has become what Los Angeles has become. It's gotten more dangerous and it's populated with more criminals.  Therefore, there is no reason for anyone familiar with America's second largest city to be surprised by the recent incident that has left Giants fan, Bryan Stow, struggling for his life at a local hospital.

Sporting event attendance at the ballpark in Chavez Ravine has become a microcosm of life in Southern California.  The dwindling number of middle class and wealthy folks are simply unwise to buy tickets in certain sections.  The left field pavilion, and much of the upper decks, are ghetto and gangster.  Neck tattoos, shaved heads, unmarried mothers with boyfriends on probation, people who identify themselves by the area code in which they reside and have children they can't afford, have become as common at Dodger Stadium as the beer they swill down before and during the game.

Why Dodger games and not Lakers and Clippers games?  Because MLB tickets are cheaper than NBA tickets.  Cholos, WIC recipients, and other assorted hood rats are present in much smaller numbers in the seats near where Kobe and Pau play.

Los Angeles produces criminal riff raff like no other location in the United States, and it's been that way for years now because it's a sanctuary city for illegal aliens; the biggest one in the country. We have tossed out the welcome mat for the impoverished, mostly from Latin America, who are largely uneducated and care little for laws they deem inconvenient.  These illegal aliens have children, lots of them. Most of these kids fail to graduate from local high schools, but they do manage to nurture a sense of resentment and bigotry that is pervasive in poor and working class neighborhoods in California.

Bryan Stow got jumped by two guys, on opening day, in a jam packed parking lot.  According to newspaper reports, the beating took place in front of no fewer than a hundred witnesses.  And if you can't understand why the thugs haven't been caught, then you don't know L.A.

Let a long time Angeleno clue you in.  Firstly, the suspects look like about half a million people who live here.  Secondly, these guys were Latinos attacking a white victim surrounded by other Latinos who were walking through the parking lot.  Under these circumstances, the chances of many witnesses or people who know the attackers giving a helpful report to the authorities are about the same as the Celtics receiving a standing ovation at Staples Center.

Mr. Stow was nearly beaten to death at a ball game because some of the locals deemed his Giants jacket to be the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood.  If that sounds crazy to you, that's a good thing.  It probably means that you don't live in a city where 3rd world values and conditions have been proliferating since the 1986 immigration amnesty.

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  1. Dodger Stadium banned the wrong substance.
    Mr Stow was not beaten by a couple of cowards
    under the influence of tobacco!