Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Public Notice: / San Diego Tea Party is a privately run website that is unaffiliated with the San Diego Tea Party. No staff member of is a current or former member of the San Diego Tea Party or Chula Vista Tea Party. Further, the first above-listed entity has never partnered, associated or otherwise collaborated on any projects, writings or other endeavors, with either of these latter two entities.

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, a representative of was present in the City of Los Angeles for the purpose of filming a political rally.  Later that evening, the footage shot on that occasion was edited, organized and produced into three separate clips/videos, by the same individual who shot the film.  Shortly after the video was uploaded on to the Youtube channel, GeauxNOSaints, under the title Critics of the So. Central Los Angeles Tea Party, said video was non-permissively copied, re-edited, and made available to the public.  As we learned, one or more members of the San Diego Tea Party engaged in the above-described copying, re-editing, and ultimately posted it on the San Diego Tea Party's Youtube channel.

The San Diego Tea Party version of the video is violative of multiple provisions of federal copyright law. Further, it is a somewhat inaccurate depiction of the events that were recorded this past Sunday. More specifically, one or more of the persons appearing in the pirated version voices remarks that are presented out of context, and the events depicted in said version are chronologically inaccurate.

Once this matter came to the attention of the staff of, remedial/corrective measures were instigated immediately.  Despite our best efforts, however, the copyright violative version of the video appeared (prior to removal) on the following sites:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; TheHayRide;;;;;;;

Most likely, this is not an exhaustive list, but it is what we were able to find, so far, and remediate. From what we have been able to gather, the San Diego Tea Party video appeared at these sites under approximately a half dozen varying titles.

Again, no license to copy, augment, modify, edit, distribute, or represent as San Diego Tea Party material, was either requested of, or granted by, staff had no control over what was taken and re-edited by one or more members of that organization.

The following video is the original work produced by the staff of Any filmed version of what this video depicts, that varies in any way from what is contained here, was not released or authored by the original filmmaker:

Any further questions about this work, or unlawful derivatives created therefrom, may be sent to's general e-mail address -

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On an informal note, when this matter came to management's attention, we promptly located and contacted a representative of the San Diego Tea Party.

To our knowledge, that is the only contact we've ever had with the San Diego Tea Party.  When this incident began to unfold, we took an informal head count around the office and no one is aware of knowing any member of the San Diego Tea Party.  In fact, we'd never heard of the San Diego Tea Party, until yesterday.

After checking around a bit, the few names we could procure that are associated with the San Diego Tea Party are not any activists with whom we are familiar.

Further, while I was present in front of the Convention Center shooting film, I don't recall seeing any signs or paraphernalia from the San Diego Tea Party. There were members from several Southern California area Tea Party groups in attendance, as well as Minutemen, members of CCIR, Save Our State, and America's Black Shield, however, no one, to our knowledge, from the SDTP.

In short, we simply don't know these characters and this whole thing really hit us out of the blue. We're still scrambling around in an attempt to clean this up, but are committed to making this right. video is straightforward, honest, and always accurately depicts what took place. We do not doctor film, audio, or otherwise edit materials to suggest or infer things that are inaccurate. We deeply appreciate the internet users who utilize this website as a source of information, and will always provide written and audio-visual materials upon which our valuable audience can rely upon as truthful.

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  1. Dear,

    I am the co-founder of the original tea party here in San Diego, the So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition. We host and organize 95% of the events down here.

    We are NOT the organization that pirated your video. The YouTube Chanel in question belongs to the organizer of the San Diego Tea Party Meetup Group, Rich (no last name):
    There are several smaller groups in the county that label themselves as the San Diego Tea Party in an effort to promote various issues, so it can be confusing to those from outside the community..

    Sarah Bond
    So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, Inc.