Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture (Part II)?

If you're feeling a sense of disbelief about the recent downgrade of our country's credit worthiness, you're probably not a Californian. Here on the west coast, we've been leading the country in budget shortfall for some time. Consequently, all this debt deluge is sorta' old hat to folks in the Golden State. California has an annual budget deficit over twice the size of any other state's, and its residents have endured cutbacks and closures as a result. The bills for irresponsible government are coming due in California, and we have been witnessing the types of austerity and roll backs in government services that the rest of the nation will be experiencing, as a matter of necessity, very shortly.

That's not to say, however. that our state has become the model of fiscal responsibility. The same left-wing nitwits who plunged us into this fiscal abyss are still running the state, and continue to conduct themselves in a fashion that would leave any rational person wondering exactly who these politicians believe they represent.

Case in point, here are three recent local news stories or notices, all related to California's response to financial problems:

1.  Services to California's disabled, mentally unsound, and elderly are slashed as part of Governor Brown's new budget.

2.  40% of California's state parks will be closed by September, due to cuts accepted by Governor Brown to address his state's budget problems.

3.  Governor Brown signs the California Dream Act; legislation from lawmakers in Sacramento that will provide financial aid to California's illegal alien college students.

Take your time. Read these three pieces, and then do as the staff members of this website did, for the second time in as many months. Ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?"


  1. Who voted for this guy? I think the way he is treating his state stinks!!!! He needs to take a lesson from governor Brewer!!!

  2. I think its time to get some recall petitions started. get moonbeam out asap and that troublesome state rep. cedillo all that guy does is work towards getting laws past for illegals trying to get drivers licenses for illegals. enough is enough. this state cant take anymore from these guys .I dont consider people like that real americans. people like that are the problem with this country today.