Friday, December 30, 2011

Change Will Be Required In 2012

Barack Obama burst onto the nation's radar promising "change," and anyone who believes he hasn't attempted to deliver it (Matt Damon's recent protestations notwithstanding) is either delusional or has been asleep for the past three years. Whatever one may think of his performance in the White House, it cannot be denied that he has taken significant steps to radically alter America. 

On the campaign trail in '08, he gave no details about what "change" he would like to see occur, and millions of Americans who were dog tired of wars overseas and a nearly incompetent Bush administration, really didn't request many.

For those who were curious, however, at the end of 2011, we have our answers: Barack Obama would like the U.S. to be much less white and he wants new arrivees and their children to be subsidized at levels previously unprecedented in the U.S.

How do we know this? By looking at his major political efforts during his time in office: Obamacare and the ongoing crusade against states that have sought to enforce immigration laws. Let's briefly review them.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") is pretty simple at its core. It takes billions of dollars in healthcare funds that would normally go to the elderly through Medicare, and redistributes them to millions of previously uninsured people ( The poor and uninsured in the U.S. are mostly new arrivees and blacks and Hispanics, and they are the folks who will disproportionately receive the medical handouts that the middle class will finance under the president's plan. Think of it like EBT cards and Los Angeles public schools, only hundreds of times bigger. The folks paying (mostly white and middle class) will be required to further subsidize people who have had families they can't afford. Only this time, they will be doing it on a level that encompasses over 15% of our country's economic output.

Insofar as the President's undeclared war on state immigration law enforcement efforts, Mr. Obama has used Eric Holder and the Department of Justice like a spiked club. Indeed, he has repeatedly taken broad swings at states whose officials have demonstrated the audacity to try to chase off the burgeoning illegal immigrant population that Washington won't. Utah, Georgia, Alabama and Arizona are only some of the states that find themselves embroiled in multi-million dollar litigation with a federal government that does nothing to stop the loss of billions of taxpayer dollars consumed by illegal aliens and their offspring. As Americans grapple with an unemployment rate much higher than the one that existed before Mr. Obama took up residence on Pennyslvania Avenue, the president's operatives have hounded Joe Arpaio with inane accusations of "racial profiling" (as if a person' skin color or ethnicity is relevant when a limited English speaker is utilizing stolen Social Security numbers or presents a Matricula Consular card to a highway patrol officer in lieu of a drivers license), and attacked all state efforts to have voters identify themselves with state issued (and usually free) identification cards.

Should this desired "change" come as a surprise? Not to people who have looked at Barack Obama, the company he has kept, and what he has written. He said on the campaign trail that he wanted to "spread the wealth." Well, if fully implemented, his healthcare "fix" will achieve that at a level previously unseen in American history. Further, he attended church services presided over by Jeremiah Wright for twenty years and had the pastor officiate at important Obama family ceremonies. There's a saying, folks: Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Keep that in mind when you stop to consider what the president thinks of the American white middle class.

If you believe another major legalization effort for millions of undereducated and fundamentally dishonest people from Mexico and El Salvador (only this time, a lot bigger) is good for America, the incumbent should definitely receive your vote. If you believe that struggling middle class families have an ongoing obligation to subsidize people who had children they could never have afforded to pay for on their own, a second term for President Obama is certainly what you should want. However, if you're of the opinion that immigration and employment laws should not be treated as "optional," and that the U.S. takes in more than its share of legal immigrants each year, then change is what will be required in 2012.


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