Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Questions For President Obama About His DREAM Act Amnesty

This past Friday, our president issued an executive order amnesty for just under a million illegal aliens. He took no questions after making his pronouncement, and quickly exited while ignoring shouted inquiries from members of the press.

Had he been in a mood to defend the merits of his actions on Friday, however, here are the questions to which the staff at would liked to have heard answers:

1. When answering critics who had been demanding that you produce a DREAM Act amnesty, about a year ago, you asserted "I cannot do this on my own because there are laws on the books." How have those laws changed in the last year?

2. The last major amnesty given, of approximately the same size as the one you're authorizing, was supposed to cover about 1 million people. There was a great deal of fraud and bureaucratic error in 1986, however, and it turned out that 2.7 million illegal aliens were amnestied in. What safeguards will be put in place this time to ensure nothing similar happens again?

3.  You've stated that the DHS has to use discretion when enforcing immigration laws because of limited resources. Additionally, you just represented that the non-enforcement you've authorized will extend to young people without criminal records. Now that roughly 800,000 illegal aliens will have no legal action taken against them, will the DHS have sufficient funds and time to undertake deportation actions against your uncle who has been in defiance of a court order for over a decade, and was recently convicted of drunk driving in Massachusetts?

4. Will illegal aliens who have been convicted of unlicensed driving, or are currently working with the use of a stolen Social Security numbers be precluded from applying for work permits, or are such violations not going to be considered "crimes" for the purpose of this DREAM Act amnesty?

5. Do you think your actions to bypass Congress on this matter are legal, or do you believe it doesn't matter because a lawsuit won't be resolved for roughly a year, and after early November you'll never need another Latino to vote for you again?

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