Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carly Fiorina Wants It All ...

... and she's hardly alone.  A number of the uber-wealthy Republican candidates, who have been staking out positions on the immigration issue, seem to be saddled with the same desire.

I dunno, I've never had tens of millions of dollars to my name.  Maybe acquiring huge amounts of capital makes people more likely to believe that they can have two entirely contradictory positions and that all things are possible.

Case in point, Ms. Fiorina's fellow Californian and GOP member, Meg Whitman. The former Ebay CEO ran a string of ads prior to the Republican primary wherein she was touted as being "tough as nails on illegal immigration."  Only weeks later, however, she made the public pronouncement that her position on illegal immigration is almost identical to that of Jerry Brown.

Never one to be outdone by people who have never held elected office, Arizona Senator John McCain simply decided to rewrite history while plastering the Phoenix and Tucson areas with campaign ads characterizing him as a hawk on that state's border crisis.  When asked repeatedly at campaign stops why he championed the push for an amnesty when seeking the presidency two years ago, he repeatedly stated  I didn't.

Now getting into this groove is the woman who would replace Barbara Boxer as California's junior senator.  Without batting an eye yesterday, during a debate with the incumbent, Ms. Fiorina asserted (almost in the same breath) that she supports the DREAM Act and is absolutely opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

That Ms. Fiorina, is quite a trick.  Even for a former head of Hewlett-Packard with your impeccable academic credentials.  In fact, in that same vein, I would request that you attempt at least one of the following to prove that you indeed possess the ability to pull this whole Love-DREAM-Act-And-Hate-Amnesty stunt off:

A.  Vow to expose yourself to the Arts and improve your mind this Labor Day Weekend while making sure you miss not a minute of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon being featured on VH1.

B.  Go on a crash diet while eating 3 meals a day at Church's Chicken.

C.  Proclaim your disgust with Lebron James for his narcissism and self absorption while anxiously standing in line to purchase Lakers tickets decked out in an NBA replica Kobe Bryant jersey.

D.  Criss-cross the country in a private jet and limousine to various engagements where you are scheduled to warn people about the dangers of global warming.

E.  Suck down a couple cans of Red Bull on the way to the gym, to get yourself primed for exercise that your doctor has told you is necessary to reduce your blood pressure.

F.  Religiously watch MSNBC while complaining about the bias and lack of objectivity present on the FOX News Channel.

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