Friday, August 26, 2011

Throwing Tantrums And Throwing Babies

California Illegal Aliens Recently In The News

Pictured in this entry are Jorge Herrera and Sonia Hermosillo, people unlawfully in this country who have been making Southern California their home. The latter recently came to the public's attention when she allegedly tossed her infant from the fourth floor of a parking structure in Orange County. The former was desperately seeking the public's attention when he tossed a fit in front of a federal immigration building in L.A.

Jorge is demanding that we give him, and those similarly situated, legal residency, whereas Sonia would probably like nothing more at the moment than to be released from county jail.

What do these two have in common?

1. In addition to ignoring immigration regulations, neither one seems to care much for our nation's laws.

2.  Jorge and Sonia have no business being inside the United States.

3.  They're both costing California taxpayers a pretty penny.

In fairness to the former mother (her infant recently died from his injuries), there may be something wrong with her. In addition to her illegal presence in our country, that is. Based upon what has been reported, it is likely her legal team will assert some manner of diminished capacity defense as it has been asserted that she is suffering from depression. This is in contrast to Jorge, the Harbor College student who quite knowingly blocked an entrance to a federal immigration facility while being cheered on by members of the Brown Berets and National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

What isn't in question, however, is the tab these two are running up in government funded services. Assuming Jorge has attended public schools since arriving in California at the age of four, his grade school education has cost taxpayers well over $100,000.  This price tag, of course, doesn't include the subsidized reduced college tuition rates for illegal aliens (AB 540) he's been receiving at the community college he attends, nor the law enforcement response expenses when he periodically takes part in public demonstrations ( to insist that he is entitled to stay here and be given a green card and social security number.

As for Sonia, well, anyone who has ever seen a medical bill can take a guess at the size of the tab she will be foisting upon Californians after her psychiatric evaluations, medical treatment, incarceration and trial expenses, and infant's medical bills come due.  And, of course, we shouldn't figure in any maternity hospital costs for her pregnancy or WIC benefits she may have been receiving for her American-born infant, because it is common knowledge that illegal aliens all have medical insurance and don't take advantage of government food subsidy programs for children they couldn't afford in the first place.

We at are well aware, of course, that many on the west coast hold sentiments that differ from ours regarding the presence of illegal immigrants. For those reading this passage who feel a degree of sympathy for Jorge and Sonia, please take comfort in the knowledge that under the new guidelines for "selective prosecution" of immigration law violators, as recently put forth by the DHS, the chances of either of these two being deported any time soon are miniscule to none. In fact, if Sonia is acquitted at trial, and Jose ever winds up getting collared at one of his public exhibitions of self expression, they're both excellent candidates to apply for and receive work permits under the new standards authored by the Obama administration.

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