Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Illegal Alien Nestled In The Obama Family Tree

President Obama is either a psychic or God has a sense of humor about U.S. immigration concerns. Given the way his family has almost immediately benefitted from his recent effort to sidestep the will of Congress, there just doesn't seem to be another plausible explanation for the events of the past couple weeks.

Uncle Omar
Here's what happened: On August 18, Janet Napolitano proudly announced that the Department of Homeland Security will be practicing a revised policy. Essentially, through the use of "prosecutorial discretion," her agency will only pursue deportation of illegal aliens who have previously been deported or have a record of serious criminal activity.  In substance, President Obama just turned the rest of the country into Los Angeles. More specifically, an illegal alien will pretty much have to kill, rape or steal something significant before he gets even a sniff from immigration enforcement authorities. This was widely understood, by Republicans and Democrats alike, to be the President's attempt to win back Latino voters who have been peeved with him about his failure to deliver the amnesty he promised while campaigning back in 2008.

Aunt Zeituni 
Then, only days after Napolitano's announcement, in an apparent attempt to celebrate the de facto amnesty his nephew just handed out to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., Onyango Obama allegedly got liquored up and raced around the streets of Framingham, Massachusetts, before being pulled over and cited for driving under the influence. In fairness to Uncle Omar (as he was referred to in "Dreams From My Father"), it should be noted that he has yet to be convicted of the charge, and asserted after blowing a .14 into a breathalyzer that there was nothing wrong with the way he was operating his Mitsubishi. Further, he believes the police officers, who claim they had to slam on their brakes to avoid being hit by his vehicle, are mistaken because he heard no squealing tires at the time the collision was avoided.

Reportedly, when Uncle Omar was being booked he was advised that he had a right to a phone call, and the arrestee indicated his desire to contact the White House.  Insofar as the rest of the booking process at the Framingham Police Station was concerned, it was quickly discovered that Onyango Obama is in violation of a deportation order that dates back almost twenty years.

If this is beginning to sound familiar, it's probably because Onyango's sister (the President's aunt), Zeituni Onyango, was also discovered to have violated a deportation order when she was residing in government funded housing and receiving government checks, during the time the President was making his initial run for the White House (Aunt Zeituni has since been granted asylum which magically occurred after Obama won the election in '08).

Since obtaining residency rights in the U.S., Aunt Zeituni's most significant contribution to the country has been to publicly complain how her taxpayer-funded life in the U.S. has been a nightmare, but that's a story for another time (A video of Aunt Zeituni voicing her grievances about her life in the United States: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XIXW23QzTw&feature=related).

Billy Carter
In retrospect, as events have unfolded, the President's actions are beginning to make sense. After all, he has good reason to want the rest of the U.S. to be more like Southern California. The reality is, he's very much like many Angelenos. Think about it. Barack Obama has multiple members of his family who are "sin papeles" (without papers) and receive all sorts of goodies from American taxpayers. Further, these folks can't seem to be bothered to abide by our laws regarding residency and driving. Lastly, the chances of any member of law enforcement doing anything about their illegal presence is close to zero. In short, the Obama Family would fit right in to Maywood, Pico Rivera, Huntington Park, Panorama City and many other Los Angeles neighborhoods that used to seem like parts of the United States.

If this complete disregard for the Rule of Law and common sense is troubling to you, we hope you will at least take some solace in the fact that former President Jimmy Carter is probably sitting on a porch in Georgia enjoying a great sense of relief. After all, prior to the shenanigans perpetrated by Obama's merry pair of undocumented relatives, Billy Carter was pretty much considered to be the most embarrassing presidential family member in modern history.

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