Monday, August 20, 2012

The Completely Understandable Shock And Disbelief Felt By Juana Reyes

The woman pictured to the right is an illegal alien from Mexico named Juana Reyes. She's been in Sacramento for years, operating a small unregistered food business and driving around without a license. A few weeks ago, she was arrested by law enforcement after having been told repeatedly by cops and store employees that she can't sell her tamales in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She was taken into custody on misdemeanor charges that were later dropped, however, when her name and prints went into the system, her unlawful residency was flagged by ICE and she was placed in an immigration hold.

Since getting out on bail, Juana has mostly been conveying a sense of disbelief that she was hauled off to jail and that she even got into any trouble in the first place. And in all candor, given the circumstances of her life on the west coast, we at find her bewilderment entirely predictable.

Why should Juana expect to be held responsible for her lawless activities? What reason could she have to believe the orders of the police to leave the premises were serious? Juana is an illegal alien in California. Why should she think her conduct has consequences?

Think about it. Juana Reyes is exposed to Spanish language TV reports and news articles that bewail the plight of "hard-working immigrants" and the "racists" who want them deported. A network of Catholic churches assures her and those like her that God approves of their conduct. Local politicians lecture everyone about the need to stop California's cities and counties from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Police commonly turn a blind eye to unlicensed businesses and street vending operations run by limited English speakers like herself. She's clearly had little trouble driving around without a license and she's aware that President Obama has taken it upon himself to unilaterally suspend most immigration enforcement and hand out free passes to millions of the undocumented. Hell, she's probably even learned that the soon-to-be bankrupt state in which she resides recently became the first in the country to offer financial aid to illegal alien college students.

Juana, like millions of illegal aliens similarly situated, traipses through her everyday life in a sanctuary city breaking rules and ignoring regulations the rest of us must follow. She does it. Lots of her neighbors and friends do it, and she's aware that authorities know these things but almost never take action. This time, she got into a little trouble and she's absolutely stunned.

The staff at shares her amazement. When was the last time an illegal immigrant in California did something short of murder, cripple or rape someone and actually face a serious risk of deportation?

For those concerned that Ms. Reyes might actually endure some consequences for her actions, please take comfort in the knowledge that the mainstream press has been rallying to her aid with stories portraying her as a sympathetic victim:

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