Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The DREAM Act Will Never Be Enough To Satisfy Them

Today is a big day for Californians. It is the first day government forms will be made available for the undocumented to apply for President Obama's executive ordered DREAM Act amnesty. Whether you have illegal aliens in your family or not, if you're a Californian, this will impact your life due to the fact that our state easily has both the largest number of illegal alien families and illegal aliens in the U.S. No other state comes even close. Over half the people to whom the White House will be granting this free pass live in the Golden State.

It should be further noted that a lot of folks are "OK" with that. For many fair-minded Americans, they're not crazy about the notion of our residency and employment laws being ignored, however, they feel a degree of sympathy for young people who were brought here as children by their parents. After all, it's not their fault Mom and Dad chose to conduct themselves as criminals and leech off American taxpayers, right? Further, isn't it a good idea that we keep people who have the brain power and drive to become architects, financiers, engineers and other high-wage earners who will pay taxes?

For the purposes of brevity, this blog entry will not address the misleading intimations about the DREAM Act only helping out high school valedictorians, aspiring lawyers, doctors and other professionals. Those fairytale marketing pitches have already been written about at length. Rather, this piece is being written to bring to everyone's attention that the DREAM Act will never be enough to satisfy the illegal aliens and their passionate cheerleaders. Never ever, ever. Not in this lifetime, folks. This is simply the camel getting its nose inside the tent.

Let me provide an illustration that shows why this is true: On July 4th, President Obama spent the holiday advocating for the DREAM Act at a citizenship naturalization ceremony. I spent my July 4th at a social gathering in the presence of one of my friends who is in this country illegally. If this is surprising to you given the website I operate, be advised that in my line of work you run into illegals everywhere.

My friend is quite familiar with my concern regarding our nation's border problems and we've discussed the issue of immigration many times. He's also aware that I'm knowledgeable about current events regarding immigration as a result of my grassroots activities, so naturally, I was the first person he came to for information when Spanish language stations began trumpeting news of Obama's new "deferred action" policies. When he asked me what the details were and whether or not he would qualify, I advised him that "Unbelievably, Barack Obama has managed to simultaneously screw both of us on this one."

Here are the particulars -- My friend, who has been here since he was elementary school aged, is too old. He's in his early 30's and he's the eldest child in his family. The second child, his sister, is also out in the cold because her 30th birthday has come and gone, too. They both graduated from one of the LAUSD's notorius gang-infested "drop out factory" high schools, but their two younger siblings, each of whom is in his or her twenties, did not. They dropped out and never felt the need to get GED's. Fortunately for the younger brother and sister, however, the standards just recently got watered down even further by the Democrats. To qualify for the "temporary" amnesty, one no longer has to be a high school grad or have a GED. A couple days ago, the new rule implemented changed the standard to also include people who are enrolled in a GED course when they file their application.

So here's how it stands for the "Gonzales" family members, all of whom are happy residents crammed into one house (A decent sized home w/ many bedrooms) in California's scenic Inland Empire area: 1) Mom's legal. She got amnestied in in the 80's. 2) Dad's an illegal. He never applied for the benefits of the IRCA amnesty in the 80's, or allowed his children to have their applications filed, because he thought it was a plot to round up Mexicans and throw them out (The family is royally upset w/ Dad about this. They believe they'd all be legal if he'd applied for the amnesty. He responds by drinking excessively and getting arrested a lot, but that's a story for a different time). 3) My friend, the eldest son, is an illegal, as is 4) his sister, the family's other high school graduate. Unlike the older sister (#4), 5) the younger sister is going to be legalized thanks to the President's amnesty, as will 6) my friend's younger brother, the baby of the family. Number 5 has two anchor babies she's had with two different men and Number 6 has his first child on the way. These infants and toddlers, because they are or will be born here, are U.S. citizens.

There you have it. Nine people in one house, all blood relations. Six legal residents and three illegal immigrants. This will be the situation for the Gonzales family once the DREAM Act has been fully implemented, and it's a common one. Most families with illegal aliens in California are "mixed." It's the norm. Some members of the family are undocumented and others were naturalized or born here.

Now ... does anyone reading this seriously believe that the three illegals, described above, will simply pack up and leave? The American people have spoken and decided that some should be allowed to stay, others need to go, and we must respect that decision, right?

Start dealing in reality. It's an all or nothing proposition for Americans because the problem will never be over with half-measures and partial remedies. The United States is either going to enforce its immigration laws or we might as well legalize all the people unlawfully in the country because the others aren't just going to run off and leave their friends and loved ones behind. You are akin to Israelis seeking to trade land for peace if you think that the illegal immigration debate can be settled with some manner of compromise.

Jorge Herrera, L.A. Area DREAM Act Advocate
Illegal immigrant supporters have no interest in a middle-ground or compromise, and the second the DREAM Act is fully implemented, they will just start to lobby for "comprehensive immigration reform," i.e. a full amnesty for the millions here.

Hell, in Los Angeles, scores of Latino leaders began to pitch a fit when a local lawyer attempted to seek a modification of sanctuary city policies that would have allowed police to make immigration inquiries about known gang members (Try googling: Jamiel's Law). Given this reality, are you genuinely of the opinion that the folks on the left will fold their tents and be satisfied when the DREAM Act gives legal residency to fewer than 20% of the illegal aliens here?

As I have been at this awhile, I feel confident in predicting that you can look forward to being inundated with assertions of the following caliber, on behalf of the illegal aliens not covered by the DREAM Act amnesty:

- We can't allow families to be torn apart! It's inhuman! That's not what America's about! Where's your compassion?

- They just came here for a better life! You would have done the same thing! America was built by immigrants!

- If these people are forced to leave, crops will rot on the vine and you can look forward to paying $38 for a head of lettuce and small ceasars salad!

- Without "immigrants" the U.S. economy will crash. They are imporant consumers who are responsible for lots of consumption of goods that results
in millions of dollars in sales tax revenue.

Etc. etc. etc. ...

If you still believe this analysis is incorrect and that we can decide to "keep some but deport others," try googling: DREAM Act down payment. Never mind what you want and think is fair. Take an honest look at how they view the issue and the ultimate goals.

The reality of the situation is simple: If you think passing the DREAM Act will ever be enough to satisfy them and will finally put the illegal immigration issue in the U.S. to rest, you're the one who is dreaming.

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