Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White Nationalist Alert

I shot this clip awhile back because I had good reason to believe these guys were white nationalists who had walked into a legitimate border security advocacy street protest. I was about 85% sure, but when we're talking about calling people "Nazis," I'm not going to say anything until and unless I'm certain. Well, now I'm certain.

These two gentlemen are or were affiliated with a white nationalist outfit by the name of Freedom 14 (the number 14 has significance for white supremacists: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children / 14 words). From publicly available information, I have learned that they like to use the illegal immigration issue to ingratiate themselves/introduce their materials to the public. They have advertised and/or posted on the Stormfront website and, apparently, one of their common "ploys" when asked about the Holocaust is to behave as if they've never heard of it. The taller, dark haired guy has used or been referred to by multiple names, even in the group's own promotional videos.

To my knowledge (which is admittedly limited), all their public appearances/"activism" have taken place in Orange County. I shot this in San Juan Capistrano and they've distributed materials on at least one occasion in Huntington Beach.

VIDEO:  San Juan Capistrano, 2010

This is just an FYI. We didn't know who or what these guys were at our demonstration in South O.C., and I didn't openly confront them or round up a bunch of border security advocates to shoo them away (as we did when the Golden State Skinheads attempted to rally with us in Simi Valley, a few years back) because I simply wasn't 100% sure. I am now and will be forwarding this information to every border security activism organization of which I can think, here in California.

More Freedom 14 Videos/Promotionals:



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