Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Defense Of Aunt Zeituni

A video currently going "viral" on the internet is a report from WBZ in Boston about our president's aunt, and former illegal alien, Zeituni Onyango. One of the station's new reporters inquired about the disability checks she's been receiving, her defiance of two deportation orders, her assessment of criticism she has received, and asked a host of related questions.

To say that this woman should have checked her attitude at the door before sitting down for the interview, is probably the largest understatement I'll author this year.  From describing her taxpayer funded decade in the U.S. as "a nightmare" to insisting that she is owed citizenship as an immigrant in the U.S., her assertions and demeanor are nothing short of flabbergasting (For those who haven't seen the interview, I include the following link:

Nonetheless, I'm aware the United States is a large country and that people's opinions will differ.  In a nation composed of tens of millions, there is always going to be X percentage of the population that will defend even the most outlandish insults and manifestations of disrespect.  

Therefore, I scoured the internet for just that.  I looked high and low for posted opinions that voiced support for the substance of what Ms. Onyango conveyed in her recent interview.  Here's what I was able to find:

- There are plenty of Asians, Africans, Europeans who are getting the same thing. They never paid anything into the system either...

- I think all of the people that commented need to calm down. A friend of mine met her and she turns out to be a very nice person. Don't go off saying she is terrible and disgusting because chances are most of the people here don't know her. You can't judge people if you don't know them as a person. Shame on all the people who typed that she was disgusting and rude.

- I didn't see a person that felt entitled. I saw a person unfamiliar with the sublties of the English language sandbagged by a Scum, Smart a*s reporter. If she were more aware of the nature of the media she would have just refused to talk to anyone. She doesn't know that the story is written first then the reporter goes out to manipulate her into saying what he thinks the story needs to appeal to the Haters that he is trying to reach.

- It's very disappointing to me that WBZ would choose to put this woman (who has clearly been through very tough times)on the spot for something that's in her past and also, for something that is practically a matter of routine when it comes to people who overstay a visa and remain in this country unlawfully. I for one would like to welcome her to America - and I don't feel she owes any one of us an explanation. She wasn't living the high life; in fact, living in a shelter has to be one of the most demoralizing things there can be. There are people born in this country everyday who are immediately granted citizenship - something that should be of far greater concern than Zeituni Onyango. I say God Bless her and let her live here in peace. Please instead, do what you can to make her feel welcome, if for no other reason that she's an aunt of our President. Portraying this story now, and putting this woman on the spot in the manner you did, is downright evil.

- This is a nation of immigrants that was built by immigrants. Aunt Zeituni has a right to the American Dream like your ancestors wanted.  Stop your hating and be compassionate to someone who has needs and hardships that spoiled Americans can never know.

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