Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Maid Is Not The Issue

I simultaneously don't like and don't care about the "scandal" involving Meg Whitman's undocumented house help.  The latter because it's not what should be enraging people regarding the GOP's candidate.  The former because it may distract the public from what should.

Is the accusation true?  Did Ebay's former CEO knowingly employ an illegal alien and then cast her aside when the arrangement posed a degree of political danger?  Maybe, maybe not.  The "charge" is about as reliable as anything else that jumps into the public's view from psuedo-lawyer and publicity hound, Gloria Allred.

More broadly, however, who cares?  Is it that skirting immigration and employment laws is insignificant?  Hardly.  It's that whether Whitman did or not pales in significance to the grossly insulting and dishonest campaign she's been wallpapering across our state with her endless resources, for months on end.

Anyone who pays even the slightest attention to politics in the Golden State knows two things about the Republican gubernatorial candidate - She's loaded and she's a liar.  Meg Whitman has voiced almost as many different positions on California's most significant problem, illegal immigration, as Lindsay Lohan has had incidents where she has fallen off the wagon.  Her story changes from one moment to the next, or more specifically, from one audience to the next.

During the Republican primary she was, at first, for legalizing those unlawfully here and then, later, someone who would be "tough as nails" on illegal immigration - an enemy of sanctuary cities and employers of illegal laborers!

When her chief challenger for the GOP nomination was easily dispatched, however, she quickly rolled out an expensive Spanish language campaign singing a decidedly different tune. Latinos were assured on TV, radio and billboards that Meg Whitman objected to previous California voter supported legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigration and saving taxpayer resources.  Further, she advised she certainly didn't want what Arizona has been trying; providing some annoyingly transparent rationalization that it wouldn't work in California because of our state's size.

Yesterday, however, just before the story involving the maid broke, she was back to her border hawk stance in Davis.  Speaking in front of what she knew would be a predominantly white middle-class audience of listeners, she went on to distinguish her position from Jerry Brown's ... and this only weeks after telling a reporter that her views on immigration were much the same as that of the Democratic candidate.

Is this what passes for a major political candidate in 2010?  Has the GOP actually sunk this far, and is truly unable to provide any better option to voters?

The management at recently changed political registration from Republican to Decline to State, and has never felt more confident in the wisdom of the decision than now.

It would indeed be ironic if this maid incident costs Ms. Whitman the election.  Not because she hired and fired the illegal, but because no one believes her when she insists she didn't know of the woman's residency staus.  Indeed, why should anyone in California believe a single word that comes out of her mouth?

This election can't come soon enough.  Meg Whitman deserves to lose.  She deserves to be rejected by California voters - the ones on the left, in the middle, and on the right. Not because she may have knowingly hired an illegal, but because she has she has repeatedly and obviously attempted to deceive Californians, who I guess are expected to forget her prevarications like employees who want to keep their jobs by giving the boss a pass on her endless bullsh--.

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